The Woman You’re In Love With

I knew it would happen.  I saw the signs.  We haven't been happy for a long time.  In fact, I can't remember when we were.

We don't talk like friends.  We don't laugh or play.  We hardly spend time together at all.  It's either you're busy working or with your friends, or I'm tired from being busy...with our children, chores and working too.

We were just two people hanging on, but not working at marriage.  It was inevitable that you would fall.  It could have been me.  If someone had given me the right could have been me.

But I see you've found someone else to laugh with.  Someone you can play with and be yourself with.  Someone you prefer to talk to and spend all your time with.  I wonder if you've already crossed the line...

I wonder in my darker moods what would be worse.  To be alone, hurt and dejected, but free to pick up the pieces without you...or to stay and watch you make a joke of what we once held sacred.  To hope endlessly that one day you will come to your senses and choose me again or to accept that we both messed up, and let you be happy!

But it's not right.  It's not right that we should accept her in our lives.  You're better than that.  Whatever I have done or not done, I am better than that.

We are one now, and we can't change that.  She will never be right for you, because she is not me.  I am your wife, the one that God honours.  If we will only let Him show us the way back to love...maybe

I can be the woman you're in love with.  I can be the one that makes you smile.  We can make each other laugh again.  I know I can make you happy.

That was all I wanted the day you took me down the aisle.  The day you said with your vows that I am the only one you will ever love.  That you would fight for our love...and build up our home.  Do you remember how good it felt...when hope and love and trust and faith were real?

But if I cannot convince you, maybe He will.  Before you were mine, you were His.  You know His way...His enduring love.  You know that there is nothing impossible for Him... The question is: Are you be made willing?

I'm sorry for my part.  I'm sorry you're unhappy.  But I won't accept her in your life.  I love you too much to watch her steal your soul, even if she has stolen your heart from me.

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  1. spouses should not take each other for granted all because they are married but continue to allow the love burn. They should remember the reason they got married to each other in the first place and never allow anything to come in between them.

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