Word in season for me…. Joy is really on the …

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Word in season for me…. Joy is really on the horizon.

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Private: Reader Questions: Why Are Your Stories So Explicit?
Ufuoma, I must say that I completely relate with your writing and it’s explicit nature. I totally agree with your answer to this question. Truth be told; we cover up some of this things, we go about sanctimoniously as though we don’t know some of these things. We just hide alot of things and many Christians Just die in silence. You can’t organise a relationship seminar in our churches and have people speak up or ask questions on issues bothering them for fear of being tagged carnal. The subject of carnality has been completely reduced to mere physical things and sex is seen as Bad. I really want us Christians to really get real with ourselves and stop the pretence.
On the contrary, the Church Girl-The Guardian really made me appreciate the beauty of sex in marriage. To be sincere with you, My prayer for a husband has upgraded because of story. I now pray for a husband who loves, fears, and respects God and is still super romantic. I also pray for same for myself as a wife to my husband. I want to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically supportive to him. I’ve had this desires but My encounter with the Guardian has made me understand that my desires are OK and achievable.
Ufuoma, you won’t understand how much this story has blessed me. We need more of this in our Christian literature. Because people are sexually frustrated and it shouldn’t be. The people of the world seem to be enjoying what our own Father created more than Us. Please Ufuoma keep it up, more grace and wisdom for you. God bless you and yours. Happy New Year.

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God makes all things beautiful in His own time…. ???? ???? ???? it was worth reading after all. I can’t quantify how richly blessed and strengthened I am from this story. God bless and increase you Ufuoma.

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So after all my hardwork sharing the last episode on Facebook I didn’t get this episode till today…. There is God o…. Anyways I’m sooooo loving the turn out of events. It’s blessing me by the day, it’s teaching me to seek God and trust Him to pull me through seemingly difficult times. This story has again proven God to so good at His work…. Putting broken pieces together to make a master piece. Jehovah the puzzle solver. I have seen here again that when things seem to be falling apart…. Trust God….. They are actually falling into place. I’ve also learnt that some of our desires are actually healthy as they are put there by God (Philipians 2:13 AMP) but He has his plans on how to give them to us in a more honourable and glorious way so He won’t have us ruin it with our rush-rush ways. In a nutshell, I’ve learnt to trust God for everything, especially those things I so strongly desire but they seem out of my reach. When I make God my Centre of attraction, everything will fall in place. #trustGod, #God’sgotit

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Ufuomaee, one thing I like about this story is the fact that it addresses a real life situation… Not the everyday fantasies…. Happily ever after thing. It combines spirituality, romance and reality. Most stories and movies we have around give us a one sided story and this makes it a little more difficult for some Christians to manage some situations successfully. It’s either you see a perfect romance or perfectly spiritual couple, but in the real world… People are facing serious challenges even in the church. And that’s why we have scandals and horrible stories here and there. I love your approach to this story… More grace and wisdom my dear. May God bless and increase you.

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???? ???? ???? ???? ???? funny you…. Let’s just hope for the best for them.

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