Thank you for honesty and encouragement in that honesty, when …

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Thank you for honesty and encouragement in that honesty, when we have a solid foundation Ufuoma, we may grieve loss but we always have Hope, Jesus makes sure this is a reality in our hearts.

Christian Love – Anne

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Private: I am Pro-Life, but…
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Thank you ufuomaee, a message of great importance and also filled with God’s Sacrificial, Love and Truth, Pearls that can’t be calculated by earthly reckoning, they are of greater Heavenly value.
Regardless of how small a Child is they are a Human being and have as much right to life on earth as we do.
I will also leave a link for others, thank you again ufuomaee for your uplifting comment, expressing your heart focus too.
My message shares about my passionate desire to warn Woman and Men not to make the same choice I made, yes I was under pressure and did not give thought to the long term consequences to my Baby and myself… but I did choose, did I know than, No! but I do today.
Thank you again ufuomaee -Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne.

Private: If I Were A Politician
Great advice, Thank you Ufuoma and you are in the role you were created for, we are meant to be supporters, and foundation builders and in that role we will be greatly blessed neither the Male or female role is Superior or inferior, they are just different and God given.

Christian Love in Unity with Christ Jesus – Anne

Private: My 100th Post – The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
Thank you Ufuomaee for thinking about us it was very kind of you but as I shared before we have already received this Award but it is good you have now too, you deserve it your messages are very inspiring.

Christian Love – Anne

P.S – Just thought I would mention, our Blog’s name is Freedomborn just one word not Freedom Born which is two.

Private: Merry Christmas (Poem)
Yes Jesus Loves us and longs to comfort us when we are hurting, thank Ufuoma for the assurance in your Poem.

Private: What Does N1000 Mean To You?
It is not that I’m just not confident Ufuoma about giving details, as I shared before I have also lost a lot of money because of fees and the exchange rate which could have been used to help those in need, this is why in future I will support through the Church or Charities in Australia who are exempt from charges or can absorb them.

Blessings – Anne.

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