In fact, I feel like ranting but I am restraining …

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In fact, I feel like ranting but I am restraining myself with all the power in me. How can a man be so evil? You molest teenagers using the Office of a pastor? yet you paint a picture of a loving father and husband to the public?

Since you have chosen the path of evil, why don’t you quit the sacred office and operate your evil deeds in public? Why bring shame and disrepute to the name of the Almighty?

These things are real and I feel so sorry for victims of such abuse. No wonder the bible says we should trust no man. Indeed, the heart of man is desperately wicked and only God knows it.

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The Church Girl – Part Two
*sons of Eli slept with women. Not sons of Samuel.

The Church Girl – Part Two
My heart bleeds for Mary and the fact that men like “Pastor” Bolaji. I know the sons of Samuel slept with women in the temple but reading it in such graphic details shook me.
Under the guise of being a “Pastor”, Bolaji has painted in Mary’s heart from childhood, a negative and bitter picture of God and His word.

She’s broken and I hope she finds true redemption in Christ during her NYSC. I also hope “Pastor” Bolaji is exposed for his evil deeds.

Well done, Ufuomaee.

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Ufuoma, I was excited when I saw that the story is an extended version. But this whole post seems exactly like the one I read before, or am I mistaken?

Still, I earnestly await the next episode. Well done.

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Discipline truly is a key requirement for growth and I have discovered we all need it in one area of life or the other.

Often time we know this but lack the will power to follow it through. Help us, Lord.

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This is a great reminder and word of encourage for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I find them helpful.

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