Awww so nice! Followed everything from the first and was …

Comment on The Church Girl – Part Seven by Deo.

Awww so nice! Followed everything from the first and was always looking forward to the next. Loved it!

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Private: When Believers Disagree
Loved this!

Private: I Don’t Want Everything
Sigh! Finding a balance is so hard. I guess sacrifice is inevitable.

Private: Reader Questions: Dina on Remarriage
Hi Ufoma, great post. I remember always thinking to myself that if anyone gets divorced and remarried, does that mean he or she is constantly living in sin? If someone gets divorced and they fall in love again, does that mean they cannot remarry because if they do, they would be going against God’s word? I guess it’s a tough position to be in and I don’t wish this for anyone

Private: I Want Birthday Presents!
Happy birthday God’s own daughter. You are blessed and highly favored of God. Wish you a very fulfilling and glorious year. ????????

Private: What’s The Deal With Tipping?
I feel moved to tip especially when the service was extraordinary but I personally dislike those who literally beg for tips eg airport staff. But most times you can’t blame them and like you said, the onus is on their employers to pay them and treat them well!

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