Dear Ufuomaee, Thank you for this wonderful story- The church …

Comment on The Church Girl – Part Five by Chinwe Azuka.

Dear Ufuomaee, Thank you for this wonderful story- The church girl. It is very enlightening and has opened up an important vista of my purpose and calling in life. I have really been enjoying reading €Žyour stories in the past from lagosconvo but never commented before. I have always suspected that there was more to you, something deeper, and I was right! God bless you richly, and please continue the good work!PS: please I need to connect to a network of counselors if you know any please hook me up.

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An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-Two
I Just lack words to appropriately convey the whole lot am learning and unlearning as well as the sweet emotions that go through me whenever I read each episode of this story. Thank you Ufuomae!

An Emotional Affair – Part Fifteen
Each episode of this story makes my day every time!

An Emotional Affair – Part Fourteen
Hmmm! This story is so real I can feel goose bumps on me.. Jeez! And so many lessons it teaches.

An Emotional Affair – Part Eleven
This story has opened my eyes to lots of lessons on falling prey! But do we learn? Humans do not learn! FLEE is the best option!

An Emotional Affair – Part Nine
Thank you Ufuoma, for sending me two of this story “an emotional affair” today it made my day! Please, send it in even faster

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