LOL at I don’t know how to sin in peace. …

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LOL at I don’t know how to sin in peace.

That’s is the spirit of a God’s child. We are bound to fall short of God’s expectations but whenever we fall, we should call on God for restoration.

And you’re my role model. I always learn from your posts. Always.

Thank you for this beautiful account of yours, learned from it

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The House Girl – Part Nine
Hold on!!! Pause!!!

I love the twist in this story.

Now am about to feel teary for the Petersons but no, I will lock up my emotions.

The House Girl – Part Eight

This man is terrible oooo. Imagine him saying he bought the pills for her cos she had a boyfriend and worst of all that eleven yrs old child is of age to have consensual sex. What the hell is wrong with this man!!!!!!

He even bargaining the pay was just unimaginable. He is unrepentant!!!!!!

This family matter tire me

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The House Girl – Part Three
Everything is wrong in this house . from House maid to wife to husband. Wife should have carried husband along in her plans of adoption, husband should not have slept with maid, and you maid you’re messing with the devil’s property.

The House Girl – Part Two


And I was thinking Chinyere was a child.

Imagine the boldness!!!!!

Oga sef wey go carry condom from his room, the man is prepared sef. Imagine.

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The House Girl – Part One

Chinyere so you have started adoring Oga abi!!!!

You better mind your Lane

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