Wow, wow… I had no idea you had to go …

Comment on Author Beware – A Painful Delivery by Victor.

Wow, wow… I had no idea you had to go through so much to get the books out. All the same, I am glad you came out victoriously. Thank you for sharing your story. So much to learn from it.

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I would have thought Chinyere was an innocent teenager. But with the this new development of sleeping with the man of the house, I hope she is well prepared for her madam’s hell?

I do not think that a madam that did not spare her for a missing meat in a pot of soup will spare her for sharing her husband with her. I may be wrong, but I would like to find out. Next?

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Good narratives. Realistic, gripping and entertaining.

Christianity: On Tithes And Giving
This is definitely the best compendium on tithe I have come across in recent times. The post is so ‘meaty,’ I couldn’t even digest everything in it all at once. I will definitely have to re-read it. Thanks for your effort.

Reader Questions: How was your life as a Single?
Weird! Have I really noticed that in you? May be not in the real sense of the word. In any case, I think God was the unseen hand preventing you from going ‘deeper’…

Everyone has a past, a story. But if I was to write about my youth like you did, it would probably take a different perspective. Unlike you, I didn’t marry early, so I had a long time being single. But I’m grateful that I had know the Lord

Reader Questions: How was your life as a Single?
You are welcome Ufuomae. Yea, I know it’s the truth, that’s why I said it’s good. Come to think of it, (and I am not judging here), many people sure “knows how to sin in peace.” I guess that’s the difference.

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