Nice story there, Ufuomaee …

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Nice story there, Ufuomaee

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A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 13)
Trust is very delicate… Just one crack and everything hangs in the balance. Nice one, Ufuomaee.

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 5)
If all couples could communicate well like this…

Traffic Jam
Inspiring story, Ufuomaee. God indeed works in mysterious ways. Thanks for sharing.

Private: Reader Questions: Why Are Your Stories So Explicit?
I agree with you, Ufuoma. It’s about revealing what we usually conceal to provide insight to pertinent issues. It’s normal for some readers to feel uncomfortable so it is necessary to let them know why the change in language and you’ve done that pretty well.

Private: Reader Questions: Some Questions From A Would Be Blogger
Love your answers. And I’m humbled to have my blog mentioned among the ones you find inspiring.

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