Lol….I’m with Laurina E in this one. I am not …

Comment on ‘Til Death Do Us Part – A Short Story by Ejay.

Lol….I’m with Laurina E in this one. I am not sure I know how to feel….that you wrote it. It isn’t your usual fare, but kudos.
If I was in her shoes, ummm….Not sure I would like to see him go down.

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Beauty And The Beast – Part One
Excited to read this. I feel like we know the story but I am waiting to see your twist and Christian flavour on this.
I will be back.

Perfect Love 2
I am just getting started on this and I’m loving it already as I love most of your writing. I kinda feel like i know where this one will go, but I’m content to go along for the ride….congrats on your first straight to novel book Ufuo.

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So A Small World….Season 2: there is so much to follow in this one.
Not even sure I get everyone’s stories. There is a lot to learn from Tolu and Femi’s relationship, I feel like God spoke to me on that one specifically. I had been holding on to some hurt and I feel like he is using you Ufuo, to get to me…thanks for being an instrument for change – good change.

I really hope Ibadan Kemi does not get into trouble with Nomso (Ifeanyi’s brother, I think). I feel like they have suffered too much in that family and they need to be cut some slack.

I am sorry Oyinda’s wife lost her baby…when I first read that part, a little part of me was somewhat glad because I didn’t want her to bring a child into the mess that Oyinda is making of their lives. That Oyinda sha….it is God that will arrest him.

I hope Ope does not go ballistic and lose his christianity over that confused Richard. It’s sad that all that happened to Promise but he needs to remember that she chose that life and that treatment and hard as it is, he cannot blame people who took advantage of her. I am glad that Promise is standing up to the bully Richard and I hope that together with her husband, they can find a way to just push him out of their lives and continue to cherish what they have. Although I feel like Richard is the thread that will unravel Ope’s carefully built control. Yes, I know Ope is a man of Christ but once in a while everyone comes across that person that tests the limits and pushes the boundaries.

Can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold with Lily and Bolu. Apparently, Bolu is back to his old ways of ignoring his wife. That is definitely not going to end well. There are many Dannys around o!

Finally, what’s up with Chidinma and Emmanuel and Mary and Ifeanyi??? They are too happy abeg. I like their love but that is not life o! OR am I mistaken?
Who did I leave out?

Waiting eagerly for the updates.


A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 5)
So i’m not sure i like that Ifeanyi is inviting Keisha out…is he strong enough?
And why did Temi lose her child…that child cud have brought her some happiness.

Author Beware – A Painful Delivery
This is such a painful story, but I’m glad the birth of the book still happened. God’s plan will not be derailed no matter what! Your book will change lives…that is something I am positive about…even more positive than you know what…! (Isaiah 43:2)

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