I really do not know how to react to this. …

Comment on ‘Til Death Do Us Part – A Short Story by Laurina E.

I really do not know how to react to this. Just numb.

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The Atheist – Episode Nine

Wow, God, the most merciful. I stan

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The Atheist – Episode One
This makes me think of my mom who passed in May. What was her experience like? Though she followed the Lord but I still can’t help thinking …. I hope she made it.
The eternal life is real o

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Are you serious? Com’on I’m mad right now. Like seriously? Every one seem to be selfish and want something their own way.

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Ufuo! I can’t believe you let her die… Why?

I just hope Temi finds a way out of this hole she is in

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Faith like that of a child, its so real.

Thanks Ufuo

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