Lol!!! Yes oh, the ridiculous arguments that will keep …

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Lol!!! Yes oh, the ridiculous arguments that will keep you from eternity. The problem is not so much the argument, but the argumentative spirit! It’s from the devil, to cause division and make us lose sight of what is important.

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The Two Theologians
Definitely agree with you! The Bible also warns us against arguing about things we don’t know much about, and speculating needlessly. It is rooted in pride and it’s the devil’s aim to cause division.

When there is a issue pertinent to salvation, we may labour in hopes that the person will be convinced, but even still, there’s a time to stop and let God do His work through the Spirit.

The Two Theologians
Thanks for your comment Slimzey, I appreciate your contribution. I think somethings are hidden from our full understanding on purpose, and somethings can only be revealed to those with real intimacy with God. Such people are too humble to argue over what they know, when it doesn’t change the fact that what has already been revealed is sufficient for salvation 🙂

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Hi Caz, nice to hear from you. I appreciate your perspective.

I wouldn’t mind chatting with you further, but I would like to know who I am chatting with, as you know who you are chatting with.

I sense you have an affiliation, past or current with the Jesus Christians. You can email me at, and please introduce yourself, if you want to chat and know what I’m up to these days… But I think I’m pretty out there… I’m an author, my works are public.

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Cheers, Ufuoma.

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Thanks for writing back, Malcolm. I know of someone else who had a similar relationship with the JCs while I was with them.

By all means, go on your trial four weeks. Let’s see how it goes. But treat this like a marriage…Do your homework before you get joined with them.

I didn’t. I’ve always been hasty, and it has landed me in a lot of trouble in my life. I thought that was acting in faith, but fear can masquerade as faith.

I wish you all the best whatever decision you make.

Sincerely, Ufuoma.

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
Thank you, Malcolm! Wow, you’ve been in courtship with them for long… why is now the time to enter the marriage? I hope you get my analogy, lol!

But seriously, what were the things that prevented you from joining before, and what has convinced you to do so now?

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Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
Thank you, Sally. I’m glad my story made a difference for you ??

The Atheist – Episode Five
Wow! Glad you found me here ? I’m happy to hear God has preserved you. Stay faithful ?

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