What an interesting analogy! Indeed people get so caught up …

Comment on The Two Theologians by Orhue.

what an interesting analogy!
Indeed people get so caught up with all kinds of “flimsy” arguments than focusing on the truth (His Word).

Lord have mercy!

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Private: Can You Praise Amiss?
Indeed, it is all about we connecting to God, but there are times believers feel short of faith/grace in the midst connecting to Him, hence the reason for Holy Spirit-speaking in tongues, telling us what to pray for even when we don’t know so that we don’t pray amiss.
Belivers need to praise and pray continuously as part of what keep us growing in Christ.

Broken – Part Two (A Fiery Trial)
Indeed there are few men like this husband, but it takes God to make him stay committed.

Tough story, but very real!

Broken – The Preview
Wow! Looking forward to the continuation.

Private: Celebrating Life… Remembering Mani…
May His spirit continue to live on in the good works that all are doing in his memory.

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Mary please say yes.

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