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Check out this sneak preview!


Chinyere walked into the kitchen to find Madam holding the pot of stew they had cooked yesterday.  She had that look on her face that Chinyere was becoming accustomed to.  That accusatory, demeaning look of privilege and superiority, not only economically, but spiritually.  She steeled herself, ready for the accusations to flow.

"You are stealing meat from my pot again?!"

"Ma, I no steal..."

"Shut your mouth!  Or do you think I am stupid?!  You think I don't keep count of the meat in my pot?  If it is not you, who broke into my house to steal meat?!"


Chinyere took another sandwich and said nothing.  She wondered what Oga was doing up at this time, eating sandwiches in the kitchen.  She'd noticed that he hadn't eaten much of his dinner last night.  She wanted to ask him about it, but it was none of her business.  She shouldn't repay his kindness with disrespect.

"How old are you?" Oga asked.

"Fourteen, Sir."

Mr Peterson did a double take.  The girl sitting before him looked at least sixteen years old.  Tall and full figured at 14 years old, he marvelled.  "Are you sure?"


"I thought it was your weekend off..." she heard Oga say from the doorway.  Her heart raced, and she turned around to face him.  He was wearing his dark blue, cotton shorts and a white t-shirt, revealing broad shoulders and hairy, muscular, fair limbs. He was so handsome!

"Yes, Sir."  She was pleased that he had remembered.

"So, why didn't you go?  I would have been fine on my own..."

"Madam say make I take next weekend off."


Donald's eyes glowed as he looked at her.  Wow...  So, she was now fifteen.  "Oh, wow.  I didn't know.  Happy Birthday!"  She beamed.  "Is that why you wanted to take the weekend off?"  She nodded shyly.  "And why you were sad yesterday?"

"You notice?" she asked, gently. She still wasn't good with her tenses, though her English was improving, and she was enjoying learning and practicing new words.

"It was hard not to.  You were not yourself."

"I'm sorry, Sir.  I hope I no offend you."

"No...  It was fine."  Donald swallowed.  This was news...  He wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, but he liked her mood...and her dressing...and her boldness.  His stomach tightened.  "So, what do you want to do today?"

"I want to watch TV with you..." she said that so simply, that it felt romantic.  Donald couldn't look her in her eyes.  He was too happy to hear her say that.  He was too afraid of what it meant for his chances of keeping her at arm's length today.


Osinachi took the gifts from him shyly.  She smelt the bouquet of assorted flowers.  "This is lovely, Donald.  Thank you."  She was curious about the meaning of the gesture, but she was more aware of the meaning of her gesture, and what she was hoping to achieve tonight.  There was no way his secret could top hers. "It seems we had the same mind tonight," she said flirtatiously, instead.

Donald took his wife in his arms, smiling wildly.  This was way better than any way he had imagined tonight turning out.  Was that chicken and mushroom pie he could smell?  He sniffed happily, about to comment on the meal his wife had prepared for him.  Was that a baby crying?  He frowned and looked into his wife's eyes, when he was sure of the sound.  There was a baby in his house...

Osinachi swallowed.  "Darling, we need to talk."


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