Stories like this one really affect me. Abusers always have …

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Stories like this one really affect me. Abusers always have a way of making their victims feel guilty and worthless. There are several women worldwide facing situations like Mary, and too many Bolaji’s eager to take advantage

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I almost feel bad for David, some people don’t understand the word no, however, he and Mary were not a good fit. I like Ifeanyi’s new attitude to courtship, I hope he is ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Great job Ufuo…

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This is great, communication is paramount when dealing with humans, especially when emotions are involved. One misunderstood word or action rapidly causes the breakdown of a relationship. ‘Communicate for unity, not absolute agreement’: I love that!

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I understand her reasoning, this makes things more complicated, and it is important for her to count the costs before she proceeds into marriage.
However, I believe he loves her and if they put their minds, hearts and spirits into it, they could make it work.
What should she do? I do not know.

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