???????????? I see what you meant when you said the Holy …

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I see what you meant when you said the Holy Spirit kept leading you to write on.
The message, it’s sequence, its form of delivery and everything is just perfect.
God bless you for this beautiful piece!????
It only goes higher from here!!????????????

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Private: Hearing From God
I totally understand your point now and it’s more directed at the state the church is in right now which to an extent contradicts or rather not in full obedience to Paul’s teaching on Prophesy and teaching being more profitable to the church rather than tongue speaking which seems to be glorified in churches today.
And sure! I’d love too.
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Private: Hearing From God
That was an amazing read Ufuoma and once again I was blessed, as I read through, I had to make references to the bible to validate what you were saying and I completely agree with majority of what you’ve said but you lost me on the part where you talked about being in a congregation of people and not having even one person interpret the tougue and you said you doubt if they even knew the scriptures.
Well being in a congregation of people without one who interprets the tongue they speak shouldn’t mean anything or give the impression that they don’t know or understand the scriptures because speaking in tongue wasn’t made for man but for God. So it’s okay if people are speaking and there’s no one there to interpret.
Paul talking about interpretation in 1 Corinthians 14 was more focused on the inability of speaking of tongues to edify the church because unbelievers or babies in the faith may not understand what is being said so he admonishes that in a church gathering, there should be someone interpreting and even if there was none, it didn’t mean it meant nothing because in the first place it was mysteries to be understood by God and not men. In the end, men give the interpretation of the tongue but do not fully comprehend the meaning as it is mysteries.
In all of this, just as Paul tells us to desire the gifts of the spirit, I believe every believer should also pursue the gift of tongues and also prophecy like we read.
The gift of tongues in the personal life of a believer is so important because you pray beyond the understanding of anyone or any principality straight to God. The bible also tells us that sometimes we pray amiss, so when we pray in tongues, like the bible says, the Holy Spirit prays the will of the father for us.
What basically I’m saying, and getting from Paul’s teaching is that in a church gathering, prophesy would edify the church more only because there is mutual understanding but doesn’t limit or reduce the power of tongue.
In your post, you in some way made it seem like it’s totally okay if you don’t have the gift of tongues as we’ve been blessed differently with gifts but I feel it may give the impression that if you don’t have it, its fine, just operate in the gift you have and leave that one. I believe that from 1 Corinthians 12, the gifts of the Holy Spirit we’re more defined, meaning given to an individual in a greater capacity than other gifts. Because someone can be blessed with the gift of prophesy and still have the gift of words of wisdom or knowledge only in a smaller capacity.
When the spirit of God rested on the disciples, they all spoke in tongues. At least that’s what the bible says and that didn’t mean they all had the gift of tongue. It was just the Holy Spirits choice to manifest His presence that way.
I’ve typed more than I wanted too but my point is I believe Very strongly that speaking in tongues should be a gift every believer should have from my understanding of 2 things in the bible. To help you pray the will of the father and pray about things you don’t even know are happening and also in spiritual warfare. We understand and perceive in part. Praying in tongues gives the spirit the right to pray the prayers that need to be prayed to defeat principalities and powers operating in other realms.
Obviously like you said, not by your own power but by the spirit of God. I believe so strongly that God is willing to give the speaking in tongues gift to every believer, even if just for their personal relationship with Him.

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