Wow, Ufuoma, you’re a great writer, can’t wait to read …

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Wow, Ufuoma, you’re a great writer, can’t wait to read the whole thing!

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The Church Girl – EV25
Thanks for this series Ufuoma, I was immensely blessed. God bless you, may you never lack inspiration! xx

P.S. I’ll miss this bunch of people in my life sha lol Mary, Ifeanyi and co.

The Church Girl – EV24
“Ifeanyi chuckled…IT…WAS…TIME!” That’s the only thing I saw in this story…..timing is everything!

The Church Girl – EV17
I agree and yeah she may have I know, she’s human. I just think her yardstick(not sure what to call what I’m trying to describe) or threshold rather, is pretty long…but really only God knows. “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall..”

The Church Girl – EV17
I’m curious like that lol! Sorry! I was feeling the emotions but the Mary I know is more sensible than that, it just didn’t seem like her. So I was suspicious..hehe. Well, I always wanted Mary to move on, so yay! Lol.

The Church Girl – EV17
When I read the first few lines, I had to scroll down to see if it was a dream because I was thinking, has Mary lost it? Lol, thankfully it was. God is merciful. I hope no one reads this comment before reading the whole thing though, sometimes I read comments first. Looking forward to the next one as always. xx

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