Oh my! Does Darren realize the import of what he’s …

Comment on The Atheist – Episode Six by Chioma.

Oh my! Does Darren realize the import of what he’s saying?! Does he realize that the next stop could be hell?!
Gosh! The suspense…

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The Atheist – Episode Three
Some interesting conversations in this Episode. It brings me back to the question of conviction:.
Did we believe the gospel without asking questions or seeking to truly know and trust God? For many years I was just following the Christian path set before me and this made it easy to stray. I was probably no different from Mrs Brian.
But when I started asking questions about issues that troubled me and sought to find and know God for myself, it made all the difference.
I love how Samuel shows Darren the irony in his questions: questioning Noah’s story but having no issues with the complex and unbelievable intricacies of procreation.

Christianity: On Tithes And Giving
Wow! This was truly a thought provoking piece and of course, comprehensive. I’m glad you finally wrote on this subject.
I personally don’t tithe, as you know I decided against it after years of struggling with this supposed biblical command. I had to go back to God who is the author and finisher of my faith and the Holy Spirit led me to Hebrews 7. For me, Hebrews 7 answered my lingering questions and confirmed two things. It talked about the first recorded example of a tithe. The tithe had been given not under compulsion but at Abraham’s discretion. It was his choice to give and he exercised this choice voluntarily.
Secondly, since we are under the new covenant, with an everlasting priest who dwells in our hearts, we are no longer required to be subject to the old covenant or held to the same expectations as in the time of the Levites.

For many others who may also be struggling in this area, I pray the Holy Spirit reveals his truth to them and liberates the Church. May they read the words in this post and go back to God for revelation and understanding.

I have always believed and continue to believe that giving should be a voluntary act but subject to the will of God. It is definitely not some prescribed figure. Why just 10%, why not 20% or more? Sometimes, we are led to give more and sometimes, we don’t have to give anything.

Thanks again for this piece. I plan on sharing it with quite a few people.

May God continue to bless you as your write for his glory.

Private: The Over-Rated Experience
True words…more people need to read this. Sadly its easier said than done. Lord help us!

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