Let’s go…I wonder where they are going this time. Another …

Comment on The Atheist – Episode Six by Emeke Ndego.

Let’s go…I wonder where they are going this time. Another suspense filled ending. I wish Episode 7 and 8 can be out together. Each episode is more interesting than the last one. Another lesson learnt, every minute detail of our life is being taken note of.

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The Atheist – Episode Seven
Wow! Another interesting episode. This is as one story I’d recommend everyone to read. I can’t wait to see what will happen behind the door. Well done, Ufuoma.

The Atheist – Episode Five
Did Angela see Darren? If she does see him, would she able to control herself from screaming out of fear? What if in reality the dead tries to speak with us during such times? Where else would Samuel take Darren to? Maybe a glimpse of Heaven before going to hell. I can’t wait to read the next episode.
You’re doing a great job Ufuomaee.

The Atheist – Episode One
It is sad to even imagine standing at the brink of eternity where there is no turning back on the wrong choices and decisions made while living on Earth. The die is cast. Fate is sealed. The beginning of a never ending infinite span. An endless beginning of a long bitter ride looms… Another classic from Ufuomaee begins. Next episode please…

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