Since there is no evidence for any god, including the …

Comment on The Atheist – Episode One by vel frost.

since there is no evidence for any god, including the many versions of the Christian one, and no evidence for hell or heaven, fairy tales about it to try to scare people into believing are pathetic.

If I found myself in hell, I’d be inclined to ask this god why it needs eternal torture to make itself happy. I’d also ask why it works with Satan so much, allowing Satan to murder a family so this god can show off, forcing humans to work with Satan in the end times, and allowing Satan to corrupt the christians left over after this god kills everyone else. In no case would I worship such a petty being.

Now, it would be nice to see some miracles. The bible claims that any baptized believer in Christ as savior can heal people of illness and injury. Why aren’t you all in pediatric cancer wards, amputee units in veterans’ hospitals, etc, rather than lying to people here?

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