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Broken – The Preview

AS PUBLISHED ON THE NAKED CONVOS You have recently read some very exciting web series here and we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed them. Love. Music & Dreams and Little Black Book have come and gone and now we introduce another  – ‘Broken’. Broken is a story of […]

The Physician

There was a rich man who lived long ago in Manchester, England. He owned his own land and slaves and had many concubines, in addition to his beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughters. They lived the life of the nobles and enjoyed great health and prosperity. As a […]

She Made Love Again

It had been a while since she had been in there. The place was dusty now, and cobwebs lined the ceiling and doorway. The oven was starting to rust too. Her kitchen had deteriorated for lack of use. To make matters worse, she didn’t feel at all like […]

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