I just came across this, it is touching…. I guess …

Comment on Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On by Adesola Dami.

I just came across this, it is touching…. I guess your naivety made u fall for easily for d group,nevertheless I am glad u r out n doing exploits and more importantly ur story will inspire many who are in some sort of encampment or the other. and I pray as for many who has been brainwashed to do but otherwise will receive the understanding of the true knowledge of His words.

this story just remind me of my experience in 2011, when I gained admission…
we bend, we don’t break.

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It is just so good like that, they all should die.. No one deserves a loveless marriage. Anytime, I read your stories, a movie play out in my head, and I always find me in your story Always, all of them.

Perfect Love – The Prologue
I am glad, the book is worth my reading, I had freeze my WhatsApp to avoid distraction, and yipppee. It was on point, It teaches God’s love, grace and forgiveness, it teaches dependence on God for directions and not just our instincts… The lessons are endless. The characters are real, I had player them in my head, like I was watching a movie… Excellent work ma’am and thumbs up

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How will she ever be able to confess that to anyone, it was a shameful act.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next… Well-done ma’ma

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Yooo!! She’s been blind… Oya.. Receive your sight!!!

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