This was Peter’s comment to you; and based on other …

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This was Peter’s comment to you; and based on other comments he’s made regarding his desire to find truth and not knowing where to look and also not wanting to be wrong in believing Scripture etc. I thought I’d respond here as he doesn’t have a blog that I know of. [I don’t always believe the sincerity of his stated desire, but I still try to treat it as sincere].

Peter @ Aug 20,2015: “Thanks for sharing your story.
I used to believe, so much so that I left my employment and volunteered to work for the Church for no salary. I was ordained as a Christian minister. But I have lost my confidence in the Bible and have withdrawn from Christian ministry, I have re-evaluated my Christian experience and have concluded it was most likely all in my mind. There were what appeared some uncanny answers to prayer, but always they might have just been coincidence.

However I don’t rule the possibility I might be wrong. But unless I can regain confidence in the Bible I can’t see me returning to the faith.”

So, this was what I was responding to. Thanks for allowing me to shed some clarity on this.

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Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
The very same Peter (Australia) that you had first responded to with highlights of your testimony.

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
One of the awesome things about Abba is that there is nothing that any of us can do that will cause Him to love us less, neither is there anything we can do to make Him love us more. The brilliance of pure Love!

Another thing I’d like to add for anyone else reading this – Jesus asked Peter 3 times “Do you LOVE Me?”… then said the most wonderful thing…”FEED My sheep”…
Those who BEAT His sheep instead of FEEDING/ LOOKING AFTER them clearly have not a revelation of the Love of Jesus.

This is an incredible testimony that caused me to cry for the person you were then. I thank God that you recognized He wasn’t the author of what transpired and that you have demonstrated that life [in Christ] is a journey towards perfection, that is achieved only through continuous course corrections.

So Peter if you’re reading this, don’t wait for a voice to convince you Scripture is divine and is the inspired, inerrant word of God; don’t wait for the perfect Church to advertise and you can go join it. It doesn’t work like that. You place your trust in God and His word, step out, if you got it wrong, course correct, and continue. Don’t quit the journey because you’re afraid you’re not doing it perfectly. No one does it perfectly the first, second, etc. time. Just do it and know that even though all things may not be good, God will work all things out eventually for your good.

Blessings to all. Thanks Ufuomaee.

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Private: Musing on Immortality, Original Sin and Suffering
Your question was answered.
If nothing changed, why drive them from the Garden, Kia.

Private: Musing on Immortality, Original Sin and Suffering
What a foolish question.
Were you or I or anyone else – historian, archaeologist or otherwise present.
I suppose next you’ll be asking me for video graphic evidence.
What a hoot you are – pretending to be wise.

Private: Musing on Immortality, Original Sin and Suffering
Hi Kia,
I’ve seen you constantly label Christians as “lazy thinkers” (how ridiculous) … well, let’s see if you can demonstrate that you’re not a lazy thinker and tell us, why did it become necessary for Adam & Eve to be driven from the Garden – which had been their own domain – and a flaming sword & Cherubims placed there to protect and prevent their reentry.

Here’s a clue:
Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves,you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?

Private: “We Know Everything, And There Is No God”
Well, I would have to understand what you’re saying in order to conclude it’s incoherent and irrational, no.

You’re not wrong because you do not think like me. You’re wrong because what you said has no basis in fact or in truth.

A prideful spirit is one that cannot be taught.

Private: “We Know Everything, And There Is No God”
Jenny, you were not misunderstood. Your ideology is confused because it’s not well thought out nor is it coherent. It desires to be thought of as one thing, when clearly that’s not what it’s projecting.

Your comment could be summarized as follows: ” I do not believe there is a God. My brain cannot make sense of a God-concept. [even though you speak incorrectly all the time of how Christians view God]. I am indifferent (not interested in nor concerned about) being wrong [about God]; however, I welcome any evidence because I have nothing to lose by it. I call myself an atheist rather than an agnostic because God doesn’t make sense to me, nor do I sit around and think if one exists or not.
This is not rational nor lucid thinking.

This was your next line. I’ll leave it here, because your confusion speaks for itself.
LAD: “It isn’t that I claim to understand everything about the universe, it’s just that if I am still in a place where God doesn’t feel logical, I don’t identify with the agnostic way of thinking…

Theology is simply the study of God (Christian or not).

No one is asking you to agree with them, and this is a discussion, not a debate. However this goes back to words having meaning and us adhering to the meanings of words. When we change the meaning of names and words to fit our own agenda then all we’re doing is creating confusion which leads to chaos.

Self-identified atheists shun being called agnostics because they know agnosticism is wishy-washy and by virtue of being naturally skeptic, an agnostic has nothing to bring to a conversation except its own skepticism of everything.
So the agnostic relabels themselves an “atheist” to appear to be a logical thinker – all the while ignoring the very meaning of what it means to be an atheist.

I ignored your last line: “From my point of view, Christianity only matters in the way that it creates misunderstandings between two people who would otherwise get along just fine.”
because it was and still is wrong.
While there is some truth that misunderstandings do exist between 2 people of different beliefs; this is absolutely not the reason for Christianity. This is far removed from why Christianity matters.
Christianity is about Christ, His reconciliation of God and man; it’s about sharing the good news to those who are poor (in spirit…in pride…) to those who are (spiritually & even physically) blind, and deaf, to those in darkness and in need, to those who will receive it.

You’re wrong in saying that God cannot be proven. God has already proven Himself to every single person born on this earth. The fact that the evidence is not enough for you, does not negate the proof.
A person who is seeking additional proof must do so out of humility. “God’s humility [in presenting Himself to Thomas] brought Thomas to a place of surrender. God will meet the skeptics if they are willing to look at the evidence that He gives them. Jesus can turn doubt into belief.”

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