It’s hard to say why it’s been so long if …

Comment on Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On by Malcolm Redfearn.

It’s hard to say why it’s been so long if I’m honest.
I remember when I first wrote to them (snail mail) after getting a copy of Survivors.
I met them on their next trip to Leeds and I loved their lifestyle and commitment.
Others came and were quite hostile to them which only saved to reinforce my desire to join them..

I think initially it was just hard to let go. I had family that depended on me to be around.
As meetings went on (they became regular visitors) I did notice one or two comments that rang alarm bells and made me hold off more.

I have fond memories where three of them (I’m avoiding mentioning names) spent Christmas day with me. I loved that day. That was around 5 or 6 years ago..
We had a few more meetings after that and then I’m not sure what happened.
It went quiet and I left it as such for a considerable period of time.

I felt quite isolated and tried to re-establish contact..
I was met with what I perceived was hostility at first. I did point this out.
I was told that it’s not hostility. They just regarded me as a time waster.. And I needed to prove otherwise..

That kind of motivated me to where I am now.

I have somebody allocated to me for regular contact.

The only reason I’m not there yet is because lockdown stopped me going..

Your article has now given me something else to ponder.
I’m actually shocked by your treatment.
I’m the sort of person who, regardless of what it cost me personally, if I’d have been there I would have refused to allow you to be alone on the streets.

I have always had reservations. I think that’s normal when looking to forsake all and adopt such a radical lifestyle.. But I always believed that I just needed to do it.. Just do it.. Then all would be okay.
Now I know differently.

Thank you for giving me this to think about.

I’ll let you know if I still go.

I’m due to have a practice 4 weeks when we’re able to travel. I’ll probably still do this.

God bless you..

Malcolm Redfearn Also Commented

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
Oh wow! What a story! I’m so sorry that you went through this!
Now, my dilemma is great! I’ve recently just left my job and have sold most of my possessions. I’ve very little left to sell, just bits. And I am due to join them..
I love what they teach and I’ve met some (in the early says) several times, when they handed out tracts on the streets.. Your story has highlighted another side that is very scary and I must be prepared for.
I do want to do something full time for God. That’s a given, but where to go and what to do now are questions I need to pray about.
I was horrified to know you were left on the streets in Manchester. And this at a time when I knew them and was in regular contact! I’d have helped you had I known! I live in Leeds, so wasn’t far away.. It’s this that is sitting deeply with me and saddens me.. That you were left ‘ in the wilderness ‘ .. I’m speechless.
I’m so glad that you’re okay and have built yourself back up..

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