It’s Itunu with a ‘u’ by the way. wink wink* …

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It’s Itunu with a ‘u’ by the way. wink wink* loool

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How Ufuo Got Her Groove Back
I love this!!!!!! See me giggling here. hehehe. It ministered to me o. And I’m glad I’ve gotten this tip from your blog so that when time comes, I”ll be like you and strap baby to a chair. hahaha.

“We can’t wait for him to grow up to continue our marriage. He walked in on the marriage, and he’ll walk out on the marriage too” Hmmn true talk.

It’s funny I read something similar recently where a woman talked about how things change when the kids come and if one isn’t careful, it could start coming apart and you’ll keep getting angry or bitter or make excuses as you mentioned here.
I’m so glad you took it to God. Even God doesn’t want good relationships to crumble. Ever rooting for us, for those who care enough to take it to Him in prayer.
Much love dear. xo!

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Private: The Spotlight: A Review Of ‘Stolen Kisses’ by Itunu Taiwo
Thanks so much Ufoma! I appreciate your support and effort put into this. God bless you! I enjoyed your analysis of the story. Xx

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
I think the foundation of a doctrine also matters hence my conclusion. I mean what other basic foundation of Christianity are we to have if it isn’t based on God the Father, the Son and the Spirit? And Jesus being the God-head? Even God’s word teaches us not to accept any other doctrine asides one that is based on this truth so maybe I don’t really get your point about you agreeing with somethings but it’s okay. When I say believers should be able to worship anywhere, I believe we have the Spirit of God to guide us and lead us concerning where to worship. The Spirit of God and His word also clarifies things for us as well. Its just like going to school, we learn more on our own and in our time. I listen to messages but I have God’s Spirit and His word to filter. If someone receives a revelation on something and explains it, that’s what the Spirit of God is there for right? To test all spirits? Even the church as expressed by Jesus describes us and those He redeemed with His blood and have come to accept this fact. It doesn’t say specifics. So I believe when we look at religions or doctrines, we need to look at the foundation of that thing. Nothing good can be built on a bad or faulty foundation with errors. I grew up in a Catholic home and I know many things on the foundation of the doctrine hence my correct somethings. I remember talking to a friend and trying to coat it but He was quite firm with me looking at the foundation of things and not just the surface. When someone says something is wrong or it has errors, I believe this is where the HolySpirit comes in to guide us aright. I didn’t always have a good foundation and was scared to leave what I had known for so long. So it’s not really about right or wrong here, it’s what His word is saying and what the Spirit is expressly saying. His word says in the mouth of three witnesses, truth is established. It’s not like I knew Hagin from Adam before or the few people that have helped me in my Christian walk. I go with an open heart to read God’s word and question what I don’t understand. If the answers come through a man of God or the light bulb moment, fine, if it doesn’t fine still.
Okay, I’ve been talking too much.

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
lol about the JW thing. It’s because I read up on them and it baffled me that they could call themselves Christians when they do not believ in what makes the foundation of Christianity. God being our saviour through Jesus Christ, the HolySpirit being God and not a mere ‘thing or active force’ and how their doctrine has to be the only truth and are probably the only ones going to dwell on earth after the end comes. I believe Jesus preached against segregation and that’s what they’re doing. Believers should be able to worship anywhere Jesus is preached and the Bible carried as the ultimatum and not some other doctrine. If the Spirit doesn’t interprete scripture for them, how are they guided? Intellect? I believe God is way higher than mere intellect. They also believe in works over grace as if we our works are not filthy rags and by grace through faith we have been saved. Even this is made clear in the Bible and it amazes me if they read from this same bible. Sigh. I have God to thank for light. For all these reasons and more, I called them a cult but if they’re a sect as you say or something else, then fine. I also believe some are naive and God sees the heart, for those who love Him.
It is well. xo!

Interview With An Ex-‘Jesus Christian’ – Ten Years On
My goodness!!! Infact I was at a loss for words. You went through all of this?? Wow. This is horrible. How can people do these to others in the name of Jesus when they’re obviously doing something else. When I was reading your description and everything else, one word came to me. Cult. The thing looks and feels like a cult, not so different from those JW people but I’m happy for you Ufuomaee. So happy for you that you were delivered. Terrible mind games and manipulation. God doesn’t treat His people that way. I hope others get delivered too o. Kai. Let me not say anymore but thank God for your life. Thank God for your zeal, thank God for your new found love, thank God for everything. It is well with you and all that’s yours in Jesus name. xo!

Private: Sometimes I Wonder If I Would Get Along With Paul…
To be honest, I love Paul. Asides respect, I just admire the man. I think He’s my role model after Jesus and he was just misunderstood but I have an assurance that God was pleased with Him, infact so pleased that His letters are included in the Bible to guide us in life till date. As for the women not speaking in churches, I believe there’s more to meet the eye than what He expressed there. I was reading one of Hagin’s book where He actually explained what Paul meant and how it’s been mistunderstood.

I mean this is a spiritual book and it takes Spirit to unveil all of it’s truth to us and not just mere intellect. It’s just like what John the beloved saw in Revelation, so many mysteries that the human mind cannot fathom except the Spirit of God. When you talked about Paul’s personality, I believe it’s the zeal that God requires from each and every one of us who calls the name of Christ. In Revelation, Jesus mentioned that the Lukewarm church had to be zealous and repent. The same bible tells us ‘The zeal for your house has eaten me up’ The way it consumed Jesus, it was consuming Paul. Haven’t you ever felt that zeal sometimes when God shows you something and you can’t wait to tell everyone? The Spirit of God in us is meant for bigger things but it’s sad that many people grieve Him or limit Him to one corner.

For the demons to have called Paul’s name alongside Jesus when the seven sons of sceva were binding, it meant Paul had attained a stature in Christ. A stature that was beyond talking about forgiveness and repentance but higher things like meat. God would only show His secret and treasures to those who have grown in Him but I believe there are people who will even rise like Paul for the wine change at the wedding by Jesus signified something sweeter is coming. The master of the feast commended that every man at the beginning sets out good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now, -Meaning Paul, John, Peter were like foundation for us, the first ones to come, the last days draw nigh when God’s best is yet to come through Men that will walk like Jesus on the Earth.
The earth is waiting for such manifestations of the Sons of God before He finally returns. I pray we will also come to attain that stature in Christ.

Sorry for the long epistle. xo!

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