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I stumbled upon this some time back. I thought it was extremely insightful. I wanted to read some of her other posts just to make sure we had a similiar motivation. Great Post Ufuomaee!

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Private: Do you really believe in Hell?
Ufuomaee, Loved the post! Let’s not forget in addition to Hell being real and created for eternal torture, it was not created for man. When Adam sinned, God didn’t go and create Hell in case he or they didn’t receive God’s sacrificial offering. We must remember that Hell was not created for man. It was created for the devil and his angels. God even from Adams day offered man (that blew the simplest command “don’t eat the fruit”) salvation. Even from the garden was the penalty of sin imposed. According to scripture at least two animals (innocent I might add) had to die. Those animals died to cover the nakedness mankind exposed by sin and the shame that separated man from his God. When Satan sinned along with his and angels his fate was sealed. God provided no salvation for them, Hell was prepared and their fate sealed. We don’t know what kind of animals or how many but I’d say that for it skin to be fashioned into a covering it had to die. The sacrifice appeased the Lord but on a temporary basis. But scripture also tells us that Christ “Jesus” was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. This tells me that God is loving, kind, and has no desire that man suffer the torment designed for Satan. He’s the author of salvation. So those that choose to follow Satan like the 3rd can share his fate. Hebrews 2:3. Always a pleasure, Grace & Truth.

Private: Is Adultery An Unforgivable Sin?
Mel, Not for debate but to provide clarity to the hurting Christian what scriptures are you referring to? I to thought what you thought because that’s what I was taught. After studying the scriptures for myself my understanding has change. I hope you provide some verses but if not at least consider this. From the beginning God said It is not good that man should be alone. Some time later God told Adam not to eat the fruit. When Adam sinned he broke fellowship with God. God however isn’t surprised by anything and immediately after Adam’s confession of his error implemented a plan to restore fellowship. When we study the whole bible it’s clear that time and again Israel broke the covenant (marriage) by spiritual adultery. Yet God says to the return unto me and I will heal you of your backsliding. God reconciles all that repent. Jesus said he that looketh upon a woman and lusteth (with desire) has committed adultery with her in his heart. I don’t know of any man or woman who can say they have 100% righteousness in this area. So is it better that we all become eunuchs for the Gospel? I think not. I know this for sure God is still in the reconciliation business. God honors marriage it was his idea. A Godly marriage honors God and is symbolic of Christ and the church. Thanks be to God for striving with mankind instead of looking to another creation for intimate fellowship.
Grace & Truth

Private: Is Adultery An Unforgivable Sin?
Ufuomaee great post! Divorce or remarriage for the believer is obviously not God’s desire for us. On the other hand neither is any other sin. I like how you point this out. This subject has been taught in error in most circles i believe. The gravest error I believe is the idea that divorce is justified by adultery. Where’s forgiveness? I’ll admit in alot maybe most cases the offender wants the divorce and to pursue a “more exciting” relationship with the person they cheated with, leaving the victim hurt and alone. But on the other side the offender has become Godly sorry and through remorse actually admit to their infidelity. In other words they weren’t “caught” but couldn’t bear the guilt of their indiscretions thus telling on themselves seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. For God so loved the world that he gave, by giving he provided forgiveness of sin by faith in the completed work of the cross.

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