Hummm, not all that glitters is gold. May God’s mercy …

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Hummm, not all that glitters is gold. May God’s mercy rescue His own.

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Lolz, you are writing about one already.

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Now I see that the village girls are even more spoilt. Humm, wives beware (career ladies especially). Chinyere is not new in this thing at all… Jesu, imagine her boldness.

Sometime ago, a teenager was brought from the rural area to help a couple (pastors) in the city. It came to past that Whenever the children, including the house help, were asked to say what they wish to become in future, (as we often asked kids to choose carrar) while others were choosing teacher, nurse, lawyer, etc… the house help maintained becoming a future “Assistant Pastor” to the man of the house. Ah… why assistant pastor, why not a doctor or teacher? She would say no, na dis one I like. The wife felt odd about such consistent declaration from a strange teenager, sharply she packaged her back to sender, lolz.

Women… can’t we do without these strangers, and reduce our heart aches?

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You don fall my hand finally Temi. Ha! what about the little fox message you heard at Danny’s wedding. Okey o. Now you will become pregnant for another man, who will you cry to.

No, this should not be happening to Daniel.

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Ope’s award for his outstanding xters is with me.

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We are done with d 3 weddings, now whose funeral, Adanie or Amaka? Cos I don’t understand that ‘scream’ and she leaving her body… suspense.
Can’t wait for the next episode.

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