This couldn’t have come at a better time. Presently praying …

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This couldn’t have come at a better time. Presently praying about someone after waiting all this while but still not sure why I am not totally settled. Keep wondering if it is a No or a Wait but all I keep telling God is Lord you know how much I do not want to settle for anything less than your perfect will for my life.
Just trusting God to help me and to give me signs that I cannot ignore or just speak to me through His Word.
Thank you Ufuoma, I just stumbled upon your page after reading your book The Church Girl which was an awesome read by the way.
Connecting with you at this season of my life is a proof of God’s faithfulness and how He keeps His own.

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The part were you wrote she had been the one to reject God’s will and standards by using her carnal senses to taste and see really got me.
You remind me of Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers, how their books speak God’s word right back to me, reminding me of His Ways.
Thank you

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