Thanks for sharing I’ve been there before and I know …

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Thanks for sharing I’ve been there before and I know what u are talking about…pls can you share on how to deal with a guy that wouldn’t let go.

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Confessions of an ex-‘Jesus Christian’ (1)
Which one is Jesus Christian is it a religion or denomination?

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Thanks a lot for this series , wish it wouldn’t end. Well-done ma’am. More grace and strength.

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About the book, will it contain all the series and not just ‘He cheated’

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Thank God Amaka refused to follow Jamie, if he wants to throw her out of the house because of her faith, then better for her. Well done ma’am.

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New episode, new drama….hope Adania is doing with her right senses, someone that cannot respect his matrimonial home, someone that boldly that he can live without you..what makes her think he will not treat her the same way he treated her sister. I hope too that he would agree to release Amaka cos he seems to be the type that would tie her down making her feel useless in his home yet not giving her the legal right to leave. God help and heal them all-Jamie, Amaka and Adania.

Thanks for this episode. More grace

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