Thanks for this sharing this with us and it really …

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thanks for this sharing this with us and it really came at the right time because am so confused and i dont know whether to back out or not. I will have to pray it about it. Thanks once again

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Private: Reader Questions: I really love him, but he’s Catholic. What do I do?
Your advice came out too strong and like you have issues with Catholic which is very evident in your post. You assume that as a Catholic, he might not be a spiritual head except he is a pentecostal like her. I really don’t have much to say except that to me, the advice is really one sided and we’ll she got what she wanted to hear because reading from your reply, you totally debunked catholics and made them look weak and idolatrous but I just wished you weren’t biased in your answer.

The Church Girl – EV18
Love the new design

The Church Girl – EV18
I don’t understand why both parents are just forcing them to marry who they don’t love and if the alliances is so important to them, then they should exchange their wives instead of sacrificing another person. Abeg they should leave Ijeoma alone since she has already found someone she loves and is loved in return.

The Church Girl – EV12
Ifeanyi really just that bullet on time and he was lucky not to have fallem totally into the trap that was laid for him. As for you Mary, i will suggest you stop leading David on because you are not into him a bit and thats why you are feeling like being caged although most guys are like that.

Private: Dear Friends In The European Union…
Yes I got to know your blog through Emotional affair and I have never regretted liking your page. keep the good work ma’am.

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