I can relate to this story, I have been here …

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I can relate to this story, I have been here myself. My life has been filled with moments of great zeal and bare mediocrity. Yet the Lord has kept me close in heart anyway. His love for me always keeps my faith convicted and I am very thankful for His love and grace. I still look for ways to serve Him, but we all have gifts which we are to use in His service to others. Right now, I write this blog and participate in encouraging others and bible studies.

I am trying to open my heart to allow Him to use me according to His plans. It is a life long effort! May you be so encouraged in His service as well!


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Coming Back To The Father
That’s why God set up fellowship bonds with people of like faith. We do need to encourage one another in the word of God and help and pray for those we know who may be in need of God’s loving attention.

Share in one another’s joy and sorrow, build up with strength and give Godly love at all times. This is part of the Christian duty…

Enjoy your weekend, Ufuoma!

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Private: Being Christian in a Divided Church
A good post here. I’d just like to add the thought that personally, I would never let things work up to a disfellowship. My feelings are that I’d settle things first, stop that process, and then if I still felt I had to, I’d withdraw from that church on my own to find another congregation. We certainly have enough division in the churches as you’ve pointed out, and don’t need to contribute any more to such activity. Our congregation is very slow to take such action as disfellowshipping someone. It is the very last alternative…we try everything to restore order in the name of Christianity.


Private: Is Adultery An Unforgivable Sin?
Amen to that! May God bless and may you also enjoy your Christmas season…

Thank you for your support!

Private: Is Adultery An Unforgivable Sin?
As one who has divorced and remarried, I relate to all that you have said here. I especially agree, however, that there is no sin which is bigger than the grace of God! If we walk in His light, as He is in the Light, we have continual forgiveness through the blood of Christ. As long as we are repentant for the sin of adultery and not out to commit it again, we are forgiven for this, as with any other sin. Thank you for addressing this issue with us all. May the Lord bless you and yours…


Private: If Christ is Not Risen, We Are of All People Most Miserable
Amen and Amen to this! Our hope and faith is validated in the resurrection of Jesus Christ! He is the Son of God and Savior of humankind. Very good post!


Private: Act Like A Lady – Think Like A Man (Ufuomaee’s Critique)
Your posts are well done and encourage comments!

Enjoy your day…

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