Lovely piece… Have realised that the many times we fall, …

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Lovely piece… Have realised that the many times we fall, we learn what is useful for the mission of our lives. We know the feel of the shoes of the many we were sent to.

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Private: We Need Each Other
Absolutely True!

How Ufuo Got Her Groove Back
I literally roared out in laughter after I read this! This is a language I totally understand, and in my case too, there were times it went the other way round, maybe because I have a very charming girl, and my hubby would always stare with at her with so much admiration and then that horrible thought of my body change and whether I was still appealing to him crept in. Truth is that dealing with it by praying and really opening up about how we felt (then I also noticed he too thought I wasn’t giving him enough attention) handled a lot. We most times banish her to my sister’s room since she’s with us sometimes and get on with this marriage.

I mostly tell her, you are part of the family and not the marriage cos we made the vows t ourselves and you weren’t there.

Well done on this great piece.

Private: The Last Man Standing
Lovely Piece…God’s Word isn’t limited to the pages of the Book…Brings me to the remembrance that the letter kills but the Spirit gives life.

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