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The Atheist – Episode Ten

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE TEN Copyright © Ufuomaee That Saturday, I took Angela and Lucy to visit with my mother in Boston.  It’s a trip we haven’t taken in many years.  I had stayed away after Lucy’s birth, unable to understand nor stand my mother’s continued faith in […]

The Atheist – Episode Nine

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE NINE Copyright © Ufuomaee I hear a sound in the distance. It’s dull at first, and then becomes sharper, piercing through my brain until my eyes open. I open them wide, as I take in my surroundings. Where am I now? The ceiling looks […]

The Atheist – Episode Eight

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE EIGHT Copyright © Ufuomaee We were immediately flooded with light; indescribable brilliance. And I knew I was in the presence of God. I was temporarily blinded by the light until my eyes adjusted to the brightness of it. Pretty soon, I could identify moving […]

The Atheist – Episode Six

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE SIX Copyright © Ufuomaee That question hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course this was more than my death. This was a woman I built a life with…only for her to discover me at my passing. It wasn’t like this was something […]

The Atheist – Episode Five

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE FIVE Copyright © Ufuomaee We walked through the doors of my high school auditorium into the cafeteria of my university campus. The hustle and bustle was as it always was, with freshmen moving in their clicks; girls in their groups and guys in theirs. […]

The Atheist – Episode Four

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE FOUR Copyright © Ufuomaee The scent of lavender filled the air, bringing with it the nostalgic memory of Rachel, my very first crush.  She had the longest, golden, wavy hair that dropped down to her butt, and thick, long, dark lashes.  I closed my […]

The Atheist – Episode Three

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE THREE Copyright © Ufuomaee “Quiet please!” My third grade Religious Studies teacher was such a contradiction.  She was the least pious or humble person you’d ever meet.  Even as children we could tell that she didn’t quite agree with herself.  I guess it made […]

The Atheist – Episode Two

THE ATHEIST – EPISODE TWO Copyright © Ufuomaee I turned from the scene as I couldn’t continue to watch.  The sight of my parents looking so happy, probably the happiest I’ve ever seen them, was too much. And my father passed away ten years ago.  It was strange […]

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