So sorry Promise, but you asked for it. …

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So sorry Promise, but you asked for it.

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The Day My Heart Broke
…when ur tears nolonger have impacts on him, and he seize every scenerio to pass d message dt its onlonger working; that is it! Now I feel sorry for those I read about or watch their engagment and flashing wedding video on that blog “wedding digest”. God help us.

Broken – Part Two (A Fiery Trial)
I was actually looking for a more serious adjective than ‘Fiery’. Well, the man’s story has shown that God is involved from day one, what can mere mortal say. Sometimes God’s ways are terrifying. The very strong point here is that there was leadership of God’s spirit. It is the anchor of Mr Ope right now, though the tempest is fierce. He would have been more battered and confused if there was nothing (earlier convictions) to look back to and feel insured? Humm, these clear convictions before you say “I do” cannot be undermined for any reason, even if everything look good and godly.

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