Still waiting on my EV 23???? …

Comment on Broken – Part Seven (In The Lion’s Den) by Hart.

Still waiting on my EV 23????

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Broken – Part Seven (In The Lion’s Den)
OK.. But what of part 8,Broken? ???? thanks

Broken – Part Seven (In The Lion’s Den)
That’s reality for some girls but thank God for His Grace which is more real than whatever we might be going through.. . Great piece!

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Wow! U left me at the edge of my seat all through. I hope and pray that she finds it in her heart to really forgive him cuz its deep and hurting what he did to her.. ….but if God our maker can forgive our countless atrocities and sins when we repent, who are we to hold back and not do same? I feel Ifeanyi was truly sorry and remorseful of his actions…

Broken – Part Eight (A Mother’s Love)
Yea. True love conquers all. Was scared for her a minute there. Thought she had been recaptured. Thank God! Nice one ufuoma ????

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*Laughing* coming out of hiding indeed.. . Looking forward to the episode ufuoma. God bless you

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Great lessons ufuoma. Been following every episode and I must say, each has inspired and built up my spirit in ways I never thought possible. The sky is surely ur starting point.. What about EV23? ????

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