Humm, finally there is relief. I can breath at least. …

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Humm, finally there is relief. I can breath at least. I m grateful to God that she didn’t die in captivity.

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Private: Great Expectations
Most of ur post speaks to me directly. I wish I knew some of these things earlier, I would have been wiser. Having been an orghan with a rough growing up, I mistakenly expected so much love and understanding from hubby, but I was shocked to discover in those our early years that it wasnt going to be so. I quickly readjusted and tuned to God.

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Adenia, what do you expect from a man who slept with you the same night he left his wife after beating her to pulp, impregnated you, brought you in and made love to you under his wife’s nose? And… did you just ask what you did to deserve all these? Pls ask me again. Just behave wisely and dont provoke that animal in human skin to descend on you, bcos that baby you carry is precious and innocent.

Private: Though Men Forsake You, I Will Never Forsake You…

The Wedding
Thank u so much for this Ufuo, I know someone somewhere is getting delivered. Thank God Beatrice did d needful at d nick of time – beautiful lady wt strong character. If I had listen to my mind then (many yrs back) I wont be where I am today.

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Yeah my sister, Im sorry this is ur Jewel talking, Im always where we usually meet.

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