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Broken – The Audio Book

Oh my great wonderful God of wonders!!!  Broken is now available as an audio book by the special grace of God! I am so amazed, so happy that God enabled me to produce this book in audio, this year…when it wasn’t even in my expectations!!!

By His grace and favour, I met Ejiro Osakede at Aimee’s Library “A Book In Hand Live” event this August. She’s the founder of Mixsie Fun Books, a one of its kind platform for audiobooks and ebooks in Africa. I told her how I had produced An Emotional Affair in audio, and wanted to also produce Broken in audio, but didn’t really have the funds, because I also wanted to give the book for free. She was so excited and said she would help me produce it without charge!!!

I never knew it could be produced so fast and easily and yet professionally! I already had two of my best friends telling me they were interested in voicing Broken for me, as I felt it was too deep and emotional to voice myself. Plus, I don’t have the authentic African sound needed to voice Promise, the main character. So, they happily voiced it for me, with Precious Williams, who works for Mixsie, volunteering to voice Ope too 

So, the book is now available on their website at to download on your phone or laptop for your own easy listening.

Broken - The Audio Book

This is the direct link for downloading the book – Kindly help me share this link with your contacts and let’s get the word out about this awesome story.

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Happy Reading!

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