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Chinyere is excited when her aunty Chinwe comes to take her to Abuja to work for a rich family, who have also promised to send her to school. However, six months later, she's still out of school and it looks like her emotionally unstable and needy Madam, Osinachi, has no plans on changing that. After a weird but special encounter with her Oga, Donald, Chinyere feels bold enough to bring up the issue with him, so that she can go to school like her mates. However, Osinachi's suspicions about the pair is awakened when Donald insists that Osinachi gets a nanny...

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Here is a catalogue of all the books I've written and published, and where you can get them in their different formats.  They are arranged here according to popularity.  If you would like to support my work, buying my books is really the easiest and best way.   I would also appreciate your kind reviews 🙂  Thank you!


Broken - Free


From the Author of 'The Church Girl' comes a story about an unrelenting love that conquers all. Promise is a promiscuous woman who doesn't believe in God, after being abused as a child. Ope is a Christian man, who believes God has called him to marry her. Promise is unrepentantly unfaithful, and is determined to leave him. Ope hangs on until she delivers a final blow he may never recover from...


The Church Girl - N5,000

The paperback is available at various stores and supermarkets in Nigeria.  Most notable are; Laterna Ventures, Terra Kulture, PAGE Bookstores, Prince Ebeano Supermarkets and CMart Supermarket, Lekki.


A story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way. Mary Uwanna is an orphan, struggling to care for her three siblings. Ifeanyi Chukwueke is a rich, bad boy, with a reputation for breaking hearts, and his heart is set on Mary. Faced with her haunting past, he makes a decision to love her regardless… Until his own past comes to threaten their happily ever after – time and again!



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He Cheated! - N200


She never saw it coming... Yes, he was a player when they met, but he became saved and she knew he was a changed man. And besides, he loved her so much! They had gone through a lot to be together...and they were happy...with three beautiful children. How did her Prince Charming fall? What did it all mean? Did he ever love her? And how will they move on from this betrayal?


A Small World: Season One - N500


The lives of the characters of 'An Emotional Affair', 'Broken' and 'The Church Girl' continue in this Seasonal Series. It's A Small World after all, in this dramatic, romantic and inspiring story about ordinary people living complicated lives. Season One's theme is Valentine's Day. As the friends and lovers prepare to celebrate this romantic day, secrets are exposed, hearts are broken and calamity strikes. But not all are losers in love. Some enjoy a sweet blissful romance in the midst of it all.


An Emotional Affair - N500


What happens when you neglect your wife to focus on your career, and another man comes along to remind her what it feels like to be loved? Lola hardly has a chance against the irresistible, affluent Danny, who is determined to make her his woman. Will Bolu realise his mistake before it's too late? Will Lola's faith hold up? And what happens after you fall in love with another man...?


A Small World: Season Two - N599


The story continues from Valentine's Day, as Danny and Tolu prepare for their wedding. However, Tolu's ex-boyfriend, Femi, is unwilling to yield his hold on her. Dami and Sola have finally confirmed their wedding date, but Dami doesn't know that Sola's having financial problems...and cold feet. Jason is sure God told him that Fiona is his wife, and he has proposed, much to her delight. The only problem now is getting the approval of her obstinate, Catholic parents to proceed...


Ten collectons of short stories, poems and articles about love, life, marriage and faith.  These writings will challenge and inspire you, will bless and liberate you and even educate and entertain you!  You will learn about Grace and Truth, Living by Faith, Dying to Self, Maturing in Love, and overcoming trials and temptations as you journey through life...  They are arranged here in order of publication.

Available only via www.okadabooks.com/user/ufuomaee

Ufuomaee's Collections

The Wedding And Other Short Stories - N250

A collection of my favourite romantic short stories, filled with inspiring messages for singles and married alike. Plus a short true story from my experience... Guess which is the true story among this list: He Took My Breath Away; The Wedding; The Day My Heart Broke; The Dream That Became A Nightmare; The Hard Road To Forgiveness; She Made Love Again; The Queen That I Am.


The God Who Loves Me - N300

This is a collection of poetry I have written on my blog, Grace and Truth at www.ufuomaee.blog, since 2012. They capture my passion for Christ and dependency on God. Some are based on my own real experiences and challenges in my life and work, while others are inspired by other people's stories. They are timeless, relatable, inspiring and uplifting. Be blessed as you read.


Traffic Jam And Other Short Stories - N250

This is a collection of some of my inspiring short stories and parables, originally published at blog.ufuomaee.org. They deal with many issues of life and faith, sharing deep lessons and insights from the Bible. One of the stories is based on my real experience. Can you guess which? 1. Traffic Jam 2. The Idiot Who Killed Me 3. The Fool Who Followed The Ghost 4. The Physician 5. Giving Your Last 6. The Two Theologians 7. Now You Are Saved, Now You're Not! 8. The Kingdom Of Heaven 9. The Lord's Garden 10. Coming Back To The Father 11. I've Seen God 12. Counting The Cost


Made For More - N400

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that speak about our special relationship with God, our Creator and our Saviour. They teach about His love, the life He has called and empowered us to live and our purpose and joy, when we walk in His will. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you will love this beautiful collection, which will inspire you and add grace to your walk. And if you are not, this may just answer many of your questions about why there's got to be more to life than chasing money and sex...


Love, Sex And Marriage - N500

This is a collection of 40 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that deal with love, sex and marriage in a real way that singles and married couples can relate to and learn from. Ufuomaee shares her counsel on many topics including pre-marital sex, abortion, homosexuality, adultery and remarriage, drawing on her understanding of Grace and Truth. Whether or not you are a Christian, this collection will surely bless you and grant you answers to many issues of life... It is also a great resource for those who work with youths, teach singles or mentor or counsel married couples.


Grace And Truth - N400

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that speak of our chains and our liberty in Christ. Ufuomaee shares a balanced perspective about sin and holiness, in light of Grace and Truth, to encourage believers and also grant unbelievers an understanding of the Christian Faith. This collection is highly recommended for those struggling with sin and who feel constantly unworthy or condemned. The knowledge of the truth will set you free, and God's grace will empower you to walk in righteousness.


Dear Atheist... - N0.00

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that address and seek to answer many questions and oppositions raised by Atheists and Agnostics to the Christian Faith. Ufuomaee uses logic, reason and scripture to share her understanding about many issues, including original sin, suffering, hell, immortality, evolution and creation. It is an absolute must read for Christians who struggle to defend their Faith to unbelievers and staunch Atheists. It's also an interesting and FREE book for unbelievers who have doubts and issues with Christianity to read and gain new understanding...


The Better Covenant - N400

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that teach about the Cross of Jesus Christ and the New and Better Covenant. Ufuomaee explains who Jesus is, why He was sent and why He had to die on the Cross for your freedom from sin and condemnation. You will also learn about the Devil's Ministry, and the religious teachings and practices that hinder the grace of God in your life. This collection is highly recommended for all who desire to know the Way, the Truth and the Life of Liberty, and to confidently walk on the narrow path that Jesus taught us to follow...


Afraid To Disagree? - N400

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that explore a different perspective to some traditionally held views in Christianity. It is so hard to hold an uncommon view and even harder to share such a view in any religious community. However, Ufuomaee shows why it is imperative for every Believer to be a critical thinker and to boldly challenge false doctrine. This collection will help you to appreciate the importance of sincere faith, personal conviction and a relationship and love for God that exceeds our need to be accepted and respected by men. If you have been afraid to disagree, this book will challenge, liberate and equip you to stand for the truth.


The Gift Of Sight - N400

This is a collection of 30 articles, originally published at www.ufuomaee.blog, that deal with the gift of faith that every Believer in Jesus Christ has been given. In this world, we will be challenged continually to forsake our gift, to question or disregard it by those who do not have. Ufuomaee inspires and encourages Believers to appreciate and nurture their gift of sight, even and especially as the days get darker. This collection will help you see the wiles of the enemy as he seeks to destroy faith in you and in the world, and strengthen you to stand for the truth. You will also be challenged on your own sincerity, and will be motivated to reach out to others who need your witness...



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