Beauty And The Beast – Part Five

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Erhuvwun woke up the next morning and immediately jumped off the bed.  She’d overslept.  Amadi had left her sleeping in for the first time ever.  She heard the familiar sound of his axe against wood, and knew he was outside working on his new furniture project.

She tied her wrapper and went to the stove to make some breakfast.  However, she was once again surprised to see that the custard was already made, and a half loaf of bread remained for her.  She swallowed.  This was nice, but why did Amadi do this?

She went to meet him to thank him, and he simply shrugged his shoulders, before continuing with his work.  It was then that Erhuvwun realised that he’d heard her conversation with Akpos.  But why would that bother him?

“About yesterday,” she began, in an attempt to explain herself.  “I…I was just surprised to see him.  We were friends…  He was my best friend.”

Amadi paused for a minute and looked at her, before continuing with his work.  “When you’re done with your breakfast, help me pack these inside,” was all he said in response, kicking a few chopped logs in her direction.

Three more days passed this way, with Amadi saying little to Erhuvwun, and also demanding little of her.  Even when she offered herself to him, he said he was too tired.  Erhuvwun was distraught, not knowing why she felt this way.  She should have been happy that her body was finally getting a break from the endless demands he’d made on it.  She should have been pleased to no longer have to service him, but all she felt was guilt.  And a little loneliness.

Amadi was doing the best he could to give Erhuvwun the space he felt she needed.  He didn’t know how to talk to her about how betrayed he felt by what she’d done.  He knew that she’d been right in thinking the way she did, that there was no love between them.  He hadn’t done much to show her his love.  He really didn’t know how.  But he wanted her to feel free…and he wanted her to want him the way he wanted her.

However, his resolve to leave her alone was wearing thin with each passing day.  She boldly flaunted her naked body before him now, not like before, when she used to hide herself whenever she dressed, as though he hadn’t seen and touched every part of her.  The day she’d given in and touched him sexually, he was so ready to take her again, but he felt a little victory over her silent plea and thought to revel in it.  Also, he wanted her to apologise.  He wanted her to tell him with her lips, not just her hips, that she craved him too.


Today, Erhuvwun was feeling irritable.  She was so fed up with Amadi acting like a baby over what had happened.  Fine, if he no longer wanted her.  What was she doing here?  Fine, if he no longer needed her.  She’d do whatever she wanted!

“I want to see my father,” Erhuvwun demanded, refusing to include the title of respect she always used when addressing Amadi.

Amadi paused his filing and looked up at her.  What was this about?  “And tell him what?”

“That you don’t need me anymore…”

Amadi couldn’t help the small smile that crept on his face.  She was upset.  “Did I say that?”

“You don’t have to say it with your mouth.  You don’t touch me anymore…  I don’t know what I am doing here.”

“I thought that was what you wanted…”

Erhuvwun looked in his eyes, feeling a little shocked by what he’d said.  She swallowed, because she realised that by her outburst, she’d just told him that she wanted him.  She shrugged, thinking she could still deny it.  “No…  It’s just what I’ve become used to.  I don’t understand you.”

“I just thought you needed some space…” Amadi said, rising up from his sitting position.  The passion in his loins was stirred, and Erhuvwun could see his blatant desire for her.  She was shocked by her body’s response to that visual.  Why did she feel this way towards Amadi?  She backed away slightly, as he drew closer to her.  “Are you afraid of me, my darling?”

My darling?  He’d never called her that before.  She liked it.  But fear was the last thing she felt.  Anxious, but not afraid.  She shook her head.

He reached her then and pulled her into his arms.  “I’ve missed you,” he said with emotion, and she swallowed hard, saying nothing as she rested her head on his hard, muscular chest.  “Say it, Erhuvwun.  Tell me how you feel…”

Erhuvwun breathed in deeply.  She didn’t know how she felt.  But since that day when he’d found her, acted so jealously over her, and began to treat her differently, she’d realised that she was attracted to him, and that she’d become used to him, even though at first, it had been a chore.  Now, it was her pleasure just to be in his arms.

Amadi raised Erhuvwun’s chin up and looked into her eyes.  “I want to hear you say it, my love…”

My love?  Erhuvwun's knees were weak, and her stomach was tied up in knots.  Could she admit it?  “I’ve missed you,” she confessed at last.

Immediately, Amadi swooped down on her and kissed her lips passionately.  She pressed her body eagerly against his, and he ran his hands desperately over her slender figure, before sweeping her off her feet.  He carried her into their home and laid her on their bed, held up by the frames he’d carved before their wedding.

This time, Amadi wasn’t selfish.  He was eager to please Erhuvwun, and he teased her all over until she begged him to come in to her.  When he did, he was slow at first and gentle, and Erhuvwun was stimulated by his every move.  She knew this was different.  This wasn’t just sex.  He was making love to her.

For the first time, she came in his arms, and Amadi watched her with pleasure.  It was a wonderful feeling, being able to satisfy his wife.  And it was an even more wonderful feeling knowing that she had feelings for him too.

To be continued...

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