An Emotional Affair – Part Twelve

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"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life" (Proverbs 4:23).

Lola checked her phone for messages and missed calls when she was alone in her hotel room.  Bolu had responded to her earlier message with "Great! Work's been busy today.  I'll call you when I get home, so we can talk about how your day went."  However, there was no missed call from him.

Lola frowned.  The last thing she wanted to do was talk to her husband about how she had spent and enjoyed the evening with another man.  She wondered what she would tell him when he called, as she prepared herself for bed.  She was on an unusual high, thinking about the games of Pool she and Danny had played and their conversations.  It was really one of the best night outs she had had in a long time...

When 9:30pm came and Bolu hadn't yet called, she figured he was still busy at work and she was off the hook.  She called him, hoping his phone would just ring as it usually did, because she really didn't want to talk to him about her day.  Bolu picked up just when she was about to disconnect, to her disappointment.

He was still busy at work, and was sorry for not calling like he said he would.  He asked how she was, and she said she was fine.  It hadn't been an eventful day.  She focused on her plans for tomorrow, telling him that she would be flying to Port Harcourt in the afternoon.  He was happy with her response, and said he loved her.  She reciprocated and wished him a safe journey home, before they concluded their call.

With relief, Lola smiled to herself, as she tucked in for the night.  She was looking forward to tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow, she would see Danny again, but tonight, she was content to dream of him...


In the morning, Lola got a wake-up call from Danny from the Penthouse.  He had missed her through the night, and wondered how she had slept.  Lola was radiant as she spoke with him on the phone.  The bed had been very soft and comfortable, and she'd had pleasant dreams.  Danny was glad.  He wondered if she would be happy to join him for his penthouse suite.  To his delight, Lola replied in the affirmative.  She was longing to see him as well, though she was smart enough not to say so.  She simply said, "Sure!  Give me like 30 minutes."

Lola dashed out of bed with excitement, and went to have a quick shower.  She turned her small bag upside down in search of something 'cute' to wear, and found to her dismay that she was of a different mind, when she had packed her bags to leave for Abuja.  She settled for one of her shorter dresses, and used a belt to accentuate her figure.  She took time on her make-up and hair, trying not to look too made-up, but also wanting to look desirable.  She slipped on a casual pair of slippers, which had short heels, and carried her handbag, before leaving her suite for his.

Danny welcomed Lola at the door with his robe on.  His broad, hairless chest was revealed through the robe, and caught Lola's eye.  She noticed his set of packs, a couple of which were not hid by the robe.  His robe was short, unlike hers, and his muscular calves could be seen beneath them.  He was absolutely gorgeous to behold.  Danny also looked upon Lola with satisfaction, and whispered that she was beautiful, as he leaned in to kiss her cheek softly.

The penthouse suite was twice as glorious as her executive suite.  It had its own kitchen quarters, and two ensuite bedrooms.  Danny took her by the hand to the balcony, where their breakfast was served with an amazing view of the city.  The breeze was fresh and cool this morning, and Lola was glad she'd chosen to wear a dress, which allowed her legs to be cooled, as the breeze blew her skirt, occasionally revealing her soft, fair thighs.

They enjoyed a continental breakfast, with eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans and bread, with a side of croissants and cheese.  Lola had never tasted croissants before, and savoured them.  She shivered with excitement when Danny stretched his hand to remove some crumbs from the side of her lips.  His touch was welcome and desired this morning, and she simply smiled and said "thank you."

Danny told her that he had some things to take care of for business this morning, and she was welcome to stay and enjoy his penthouse suite until he returned.  He wanted them to travel to Port Harcourt together, so she might miss her original flight time.  However, he hoped to come back early enough so they could do some window shopping at the nearby mall.  It would be a waste for her to come to Abuja and not enjoy the shopping experience.

Lola was happy with this plan.  She sat in his living room, while he went in for his shower.  When he came out dressed in his African tailored suit, Lola admired him.

Danny was happy to see that Lola was quite free and comfortable with him today.  They'd come a long way, since yesterday when she had threatened him with a sexual harassment law suit.  It was only a matter of time now, before she would be every way.  The thought of that made him smile.  To think they had only met a week ago...


Lola received a message from Bolu at noon, enquiring about her day.  She replied that it was going well, and that she would let him know when she had arrived at Port Harcourt.  For good measure, she added that she had enjoyed an English breakfast with croissants.  He replied that they had a court hearing today, and that the case was moving on well.  He asked her to pray for him, and she said she would.

Lola actually hadn't prayed this morning.  She didn't want to talk to God because she didn't want Him to tell her to do what she didn't want to do...which was to run from Danny.  She was tired of running.  She wanted to be caught.  She wanted to be swept up in his wind and feel alive for once in her miserable life.  Today, she didn't value wisdom.  She didn't want to think, only to feel...happy and desired and to taste the forbidden.

She denied her faith, and put away the awareness of God, in the hiding places, where she had once hid her desire for Danny.  Today, she wanted to be free from the demands of righteousness, not to worry about anyone else's feelings but her own.  She was on vacation from return only after she had had enough of selfishness.


Danny got back from his business outing at about 12:30.  He had booked them seats on the 4:15 flight, so they would have time for a quick rendezvous to the shops in Abuja.

Lola watched him as he slipped into something more comfortable, before her eyes.  Danny smiled to himself, as he observed her raw desire for him, and laughed when she blushed at his obvious desire of her.

Danny showed Lola around the Exclusive Stores shopping mall in Wuse 2, and as they walked, their bodies would occasionally touch.  Danny went for boldness, and sought out her hand to hold it.  Lola did not resist him.  So they walked through the Mall like lovers, not merely friends.

Danny saw a dress that he wanted to buy for Lola.  She loved it too...  They walked in the store, and she found that she liked quite a few of the items there.  She didn't want to ask him, but he knew...  "Go ahead.  Try them on!" he had said as encouragement.

Lola and Danny left the mall, with a shopping bag filled with five new outfits and two expensive shoes, among other things, for Lola.  She was very grateful for them, and hugged him affectionately.  He hugged her back, and kissed her cheek.  She wanted more, but couldn't say, so they withdrew from each other's embrace and entered the car to go to the airport.


Their flight landed in Port Harcourt about 20 minutes past five.  It had been a very pleasant flight.  Lola especially loved having Danny by her side.  They had enjoyed comfortable silence and good conversations.

Lola sent a quick text to Bolu to inform him of her safe arrival in Port Harcourt.  It was too late to see any properties that evening.  Lola would be seeing them tomorrow.  Tonight, Danny had other plans for them.  There was a nightclub attached to Danny's hotel in Port Harcourt, and he invited Lola to join him for drinks after dinner.

After settling in her suite at the hotel, Lola showered and changed into one of the dresses Danny had bought for her today.  It was the stunning one that hung on the window, which accentuated every curve on her body.  She smiled at herself with satisfaction as she imagined the look on his face when he saw her tonight.

Danny picked Lola up at her door, and was blown away by her beauty.  It was all he could do not to take her back into the room and ravish her the way he desired to.  Lola smiled as she took in his pleasure at her chosen outfit.  Hand in hand, they walked to the restaurant for dinner at 8pm.  From there, they would make their way to the club.

As usual, they had a really fun time out together.  Danny had even been impressed with Lola's dancing, though she had said she wasn't very good.  Lola enjoyed dancing with Danny, because it gave her a chance to get closer to him, to tease him with her sensuality, and to have him touch her in a way that would otherwise have been inappropriate.

When they made it back to her room after midnight, Lola hadn't had enough fun.  She looked with longing into Danny's eyes, but he refused her appeal for a kiss with a hug instead.  He would still exercise self control.  Tonight was not the night for the first kiss.


Lola entered her room feeling disappointed that Danny hadn't kissed her.  She remembered that he had said he would wait until she really wanted it.  Did she have to beg?  Why was he holding out on her?

She quickly checked her phone for missed calls and messages, and was alarmed to see five missed calls all from Bolu, and three messages.  He had tried calling her at 8pm, when he got back home from work, and had sent messages, when she hadn't picked his calls or called him back.  He was very worried, and wanted her to call him back as soon as possible.

It was after midnight now, and she was slightly tipsy from the wine she had drunk.  She decided it would be better to send a text, and put her phone on silent until the morning.  Her text read: "Sorry I missed your calls and messages, babe.  I wasn't with my phone.  I'll call you in the morning."


Lola didn't call Bolu in the morning as promised.  She didn't know what to say to him.  She simply sent a text message that she was fine, and would be seeing the remaining properties today, but wasn't sure exactly when.  She wished him a blessed day at work and would call him later.

Lola enjoyed breakfast with Danny in his suite again.  Their intimacy was growing, and she was longing for that kiss.  Danny knew of her longing, and he was aware of his too.  But he knew the rewards of patience was worth the wait.

After checking out his three properties in the morning, Danny took Lola to the Port Harcourt Tourist Beach, where they lazed about in the sun together.   When they had had enough of that, they went to the City Mall, where they could get some lunch.  Before leaving, Danny took Lola around the shops as well, and treated her to some more nice things.  In the evening, Danny took Lola to his favourite comedy club in Port Harcourt, remembering that she had said she loved comedy.

Lola knew she had fallen in love with Danny.  She kept passing longing glances at him, wondering if she should admit the depths of her feelings.  He was so cool and calculated, she wondered about his feelings for her.  They clearly were not just sexual, because he had had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of her, but he had not.  What was going through his mind?

Danny was a victorious thief.  He had succeeded in stealing the most precious part of Lola that belonged to God and her husband - her heart.  With this treasure, he knew he had access to every other part of her, because there was nothing a woman in love would deny the object of her affection.  His patience had secured this great reward...  Now, what to do with it?

Did he really want her for his wife...?  He didn't know.   But he had no plans of sharing her with her husband.  If she was his, she would be his alone.  He wouldn't be weakened by his emotions nor desire for her, until he had succeeded in winning not only her heart, but her body and soul.  The war was still on, but he had won the battle for her heart.

Danny smiled at Lola, who had no idea what havoc he was about to reign on her life...  As they strolled hand in hand to her hotel room, Lola couldn't contain her desire for Danny anymore.  When he leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, she turned her lips to him.  Danny smiled as he kissed Lola's lips softly, savouring them and his victory.  Lola felt like a starved baby in his arms, as she gave her all in the kiss.

Moments later, Danny pulled away from Lola, though she was still desirous for more kisses.  They had done enough tonight...  Now they both knew she belonged to him.  It was time for Danny to let Bolu know his marriage was over.


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  1. And she finally gave in… setting God aside is the worst decision we can ever make. Thank you Ufomaee for this beautiful story, waiting for Volume two. more Inspiration to you.

    View Comment
  2. Danny? You have come to kill, steal and destroy. I can tell you want her, but will you be at peace? Who says another ‘Danny’ won’t come into your marriage if you get her this way?
    Ufuo! Please, I’m eagerly waiting for volume two ????????

    View Comment
  3. What the heck! How could she…?!
    Has this woman forgotten that she’s married?! I don’t like this at all. After all the signs, warnings, mama’s dream, the pastor’s sermon…
    All in all, I’ve learnt so many lessons from reading this story.
    When will Volume 2 begin please?

    View Comment
  4. Danny’s ploy is a typical and practical illustration of how the devil lures us into sin. You have depicted it so well that I understand and can relate to it.

    Such happens in every sphere of life: business, academics, marriage, health, career etc. the very first step is intentionally staying away from God, which Lola has done.

    I sincerely hope that in the next volume, someone’s prayers somewhere will open Lola’s heart to reason and voice of caution.

    Like Danny, the Devil wants believers as play things, which he dumps once he has had his fill.

    Lord God, help us as believers to ever remain strong in Christ.

    You write beautifully well. I earnestly await the next volume.

    View Comment
    1. Oh Teekay, your discernment is so sharp. Yes, this is not just about emotional affairs in marriage but the emotional affairs we have with the world, which take us away from God. The story does depict how the devil entices us, and how we give in to a little at a time, before we surrender to full compromise. It can happen to anyone, so let’s not judge only pray that Lola may be delivered.

      Thanks for appreciating my piece and for sharing such a great lesson. Please help me share with others. I also appreciate your compliment on my writing. It’s God’s gift and empowerment to me for ministry. 🙂

      You are blessed x

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  5. Your writings always leave me WOWED!! I had to track your blog…glad I found it…You are doing a very wonderful job. God bless you and your pen and may He grant you more wisdom and insight and may the devil not penetrate into your home.

    I’ve been reading/seeing/ hearing alot on Proverbs 4;23. I guess there’s something in it for me.

    Don’t stop writing Mrs! Awaiting the volume 2.

    View Comment
  6. Oh wow, I already suspected this would happen with all the sexual tension building up. 😂😂😄😄@victorious thief. The devil is a bastard but I’d like to make a few comments if you don’t mind
    I think I would have loved to see enough character development from Bolu. Maybe it happens in other episodes but I’m just saying. To me, he’s made to look like a self centred husband and someone who doesn’t really care about Lola hence she feeling like a starved woman. Even before the accident, his love language was deficient, lol, let me put it that way. He even investigates her like she’s not his wife. Like who does that? I would have loved to see if there was some kind of compassion in his heart and what he secretly battled with, how he wants to love her but maybe he’s finding it hard? Something. This is in no way trying to support what Lola is doing but just to say that it would have been nice if I could see Lola as a person outside all of this as well. A little background into the kind of person she is so that if she does something, it doesn’t seem out of character for her. I would love to see how strong her relationship with God was and not in a way that made it seem it wasn’t really part of her. How rooted is she? I think it makes it quite relatable and I also liked that you expressed her inner conflicts.

    Otherwise it’s really interesting. Well done writing this ufuomaee

    View Comment
    1. Hi Itunu, thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you’re finding it interesting despite your critiques. The story so far has been mostly from Lola’s perspective of her marriage. As many people have observed, their communication is severely lacking and since she can only go by his behaviour, she feels unloved and lonely. Bolu’s behaviour is not uncommon of men who take their wives for granted. Their humanity comes across clearly, as well as the short comings in their Christian discipline. This trial will show truly what they are made of and how God intervenes in our lives, granting grace despite our limitations.

      I hope you get more from it as you read on 🙂

      View Comment

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