An Emotional Affair – Part Five

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"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life" (Proverbs 4:23).

Bolu and Lola had a morning devotional session together the following day.  Bolu had dropped the ball on this special time in the past, as he was often in a hurry to get to work.  Today, Bolu spent more time on prayer for their unity, and for understanding and love to grow in their marriage.  Lola also prayed by wisdom and God's guidance for the challenges the day would surely bring.

After their prayer time and a quick breakfast, Bolu dropped Lola off at her office in Lekki Phase 1 by 8am, before he drove on to his office in Victoria Island.  Today, he and Dele would be meeting with their client, the defendant, for a briefing on their case, and he still had much to do before their meeting, which was scheduled for 2pm.  The road was unusually free today, and he made it to his office by quarter to nine.

His Secretary, Ifeoma, was already in and had made some photocopies of documents he had requested yesterday available on his desk.  She was new and seemed very efficient.  She had also prepared some tea for him, and he sipped happily away as he tucked into his work.  The case was very intriguing, and he always loved a good puzzle.  Before long, he was lost in it.


True to his word, Danny called Lola at nine that morning.  He asked after her sleep, and she answered politely that she'd had a good night.  The truth was actually quite the contrary.  She had barely slept a wink, thinking about how she had spent the evening.  She couldn't tell him that thoughts of him had kept her up all night.

She didn't know how she would handle seeing him again today.  She thought of rescheduling until next week, but reasoned that sooner of later, she would have to face him.  And it would be better to get their business completed as soon as possible, rather than dragging it out.  So when he asked when she would be free today to see his other properties, so told him by noon.

She had to compile the information she had already gathered yesterday, and start on her paperwork for the job.  She would be meeting with her Boss at 11am to share some of her ideas with her.  Ms Yemisi Shittu, the Founder and Managing Director of Da-Vyne Interiors, was a perfectionist with an eye for detail.  Every single one of their past projects had been blessed by her special touch, and this would be no different.

"Ok, I'll come and get you," Danny said, and hung up before she could offer any resistance.

Lola was dumbfounded.  This man was unrelenting.  But she didn't have time to worry about that now...  She had work to do, and she got on with it as best she could, being very observant of the fact that the time was ticking by slowly.


Danny smiled to himself as he hung up the phone.  There was nothing like business mixed with a little pleasure.  Last night had worked out like a master plan.  He congratulated himself on pulling it off so smoothly.  Lily was quite a hard nut to crack, but he was sure he'd finally gotten her attention.

He remembered how she had looked at him with unveiled passion.  He'd felt undressed under her stare.  The best part was how she blushed afterwards.  Oh, she was unbelievably cute in that moment!  He smiled at the memory.

The only thing that dampened his joy was knowing that she was unavailable to him.  He didn't make a habit of going after unavailable women.  There were plenty available ones after him!  But Lily was special.  He was positive their meeting was fated.

He decided to call his friend and thank him for recommending Da-Vyne Interiors.  Folarin was always trying to set him up with a good woman.  He would be pleased to learn that Danny had been able to knock down two birds with one stone.


Mr Williams was in his office having breakfast.  He had the morning paper open, and was reading about another politician caught in a money laundering scandal, when his phone rang.  It was Dan.

"Hi Dan, what's up?"

"My Man!" Danny cheered.  "I went to that place you recommended, for the interior deco..."

"Ah, good one!  I hope it worked out well," Folarin said, happy to hear from Danny.

"Purfect.  I didn't see Ms Shittu though.  I met one fine girl, sha," Danny said.

"Ahh, before nko?  But they're doing the job for you right?" Folarin asked.

Bolu had mentioned that his wife worked at Da-Vyne Interiors, when Folarin was looking to redecorate his new office.  He had used their services and had been impressed.  When Danny said he was looking for an interior decorating company, he'd put in a very good word for them.  He'd hoped that by sending business to Da-Vyne Interiors, he could help Bolu in an indirect way.  He really felt bad for the guy.

"Yeah.  I'm going with Lily to see the properties at Ikeja this afternoon," Danny said.

"Lily eh?  She sounds pretty," Folarin smiled.  "Don't go and cause trouble oh."

"Ah, you know me?" Danny giggled.  "Just wanted to say thanks for the hook-up.  How's the day going?"

"It's just starting.  It is well.  Let's talk later."

"Aight!  Bye."

Folarin smiled as he put away his phone.  Trust Dan to always muddy business with pleasure.  He was glad at least that he was able to help Bolu in that small way.  He wondered how Bolu was getting on with the new case.  He'd done his best to look out for him.  It was up to Bolu now to prove himself.


Lola looked up at the clock in her office.  It was now 11:45am.  Time was dragging for some reason this morning.  She'd just concluded her meeting with Ms Shittu, and was encouraged by their discussion.

Having much experience in this business, Ms Shittu had had her fair share of toasters among clients, who thought that 'Interior Deco' was synonymous with 'Escort Service'!  She'd always been able to manage their expectations without losing any business.  In the end, she had gained many friends, who she could still call upon today.  She asked Lola about her client, and wasn't surprised to hear that he'd already pulled some fast moves on her.  They laughed about the stunt he pulled with the dinner last night.

"The trick is to not take them too seriously.  Just play along, giggle at their jokes, but keep a professional distance.  Most of them don't take themselves that seriously either.  They just want to feel like they haven't lost their manly charms, so you don't want to bruise their ego, or act like you've got a stick up your butt.  If you know it comes with the territory, you won't be thrown off, and you certainly won't fall for their advances," Ms Shittu had counseled Lola.

All in all, Ms Shittu thought Lola was handling the situation very well, and hinted that she could be in for a promotion after this big job!  They'd also discussed the percentage of commission that Lola would be taking home, and Ms Shittu had been quite generous, considering that Lola was doing the field work as well.

When Lola returned to her office, her mind had been put to rest.  She didn't need to take Danny too seriously.  He obviously wasn't serious about her, because he already knew she was married.  It was just a game, and she would play along well...while keeping a reasonable professional distance.  She was in control, she could handle this.  So she thought.

Lola looked up at the clock again.  It was only 11:47am.  She tidied up her desk and decided to do some browsing on the Internet to distract herself from the annoying activity of watching the clock.


Danny arrived at Lola's office at 12:05pm.  He met Ms Shittu at the entrance, who was on her way out as he was going in.  They had a brief exchange, and Ms Shittu thanked him for his business.

"It's my pleasure," Danny smiled.  "You've got a good girl there."

"She's hardly a girl now," Ms Shittu corrected.

"Of course," Danny replied, noting the correction.  She certainly was not a girl anymore.  He spied Lola leaving her office, and smiled with pleasure at the sight of her.  She was a very beautiful woman indeed.

Lola observed their exchange, as she left her office to meet them at the main entrance.  Ms Shittu glanced at Lola and then at Danny, before expressing her regrets at not being able to join them today.  She observed a certain chemistry between them, but decided not to think too much of it.

"I'll give you an update on the visits on Monday, Ma" Lola said with a wave goodbye, as she followed Danny to his car.

"How are you today?" Danny asked, when they were strapped into their seats.

"Fine thanks.  And you?" Lola replied, smoothly.

"I'm good too."  Danny pulled out of his parking space and hit the road.  "I thought we could start with Ikeja, and then view the houses in Ikoyi on our way back.  How does that sound?"

"Like a good plan," Lola said.  She sat back on the seat and tried to relax, remembering Ms Shittu's advice to play it cool.

They drove for a while without much exchange.  Danny had the radio on today, and the conversations from the presenters and the callers on the Noonday Show, of The Hive 101.6 fm, was sufficient entertainment.  Occasionally, they would laugh at the commentary, and would pass glances at each other to observe the other's reaction to the discussion.  It was interesting for both of them to note that they had a similar sense of humour.

The apartment complex was a three-storey building in the heart of Ikeja, Maryland.  Each apartment had three bedrooms.  Two were ensuite, and one was a guest room, next to the guest toilet and bathroom.  The kitchens and bathrooms were already fitted with modern fittings and all appliances were already installed.

The walls were bare with a base coat, as Danny hadn't decided if he would be painting or using wallpaper.  Lola advised that he could use both, and suggested the areas that she thought wallpaper would work excellently.  One of the walls in the dining area, and the wall where the TV would be installed would definitely benefit from some stylish wallpaper, she thought.  Lola took more pictures and notes in her pad for each of the rooms.

By 1:30pm, they were done, and ready to go back to the Island to view the properties in Ikoyi.  Due to a little Friday traffic, they made it to the first house in Ikoyi by 2:30pm.  It was a five bedroom house with three floors, perfect for a big family.  The second house was a four-bedroom property, on two floors.  It had a bigger garden area than the first, and could accommodate some garden furniture as well.

By 3:15pm, they had surveyed all Danny's properties in Lagos, and Lola had a unique vision for each one.  She had the weekend to develop her ideas with some research and be able to present Danny with the estimates for the furnishing job.  It was going to be huge bill.  She wondered if he was a haggler, and would try to beat down her quotation.

"All done?" Danny asked.

"Yep.  Just to work on your quotation for the properties in Lagos," Lola replied as they walked back to the car.

"Good.  I guess you will be in the office on Monday.  Will you be free to travel on Tuesday?" Danny enquired.


"We can view the Abuja properties first and then head to Port Harcourt on Wednesday.  You should be home by Friday," Danny said, as he entered his car.

"That's practically my whole week.  I thought we could space it out,"  Lola said, a little alarmed.

"Nah, it's more cost effective for me this way."

Ummm, I wonder if Bolu will be happy about that, Lola thought.  "He probably won't even notice your absence anyway", said a contrary voice.  Yes, Bolu will be quite busy with his new case.  At least she would be back by the weekend.

Danny stopped and parked the car.  Lola sat up, unsure where she was.  She hadn't been paying much attention.  "Where is this?"

"I thought we could do with some lunch," Danny said, switching off the engine and opening his car door.

"No, it's okay.  I better get back to the office."

"Come on, it's just lunch.  Didn't we already have dinner last night?"  He got out of the car and went to open Lola's door.  She was hesitant to come out.  "Are you really going to fight me on this, Lily?"

Lola sighed, and gave up the fight.  She resigned herself to the situation, silencing the small but persistent voice in her head saying "this is a bad idea".  She got out of the car, and said nothing, as she followed Danny into yet another hotel...

To be continued...

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  1. Hian! Lola this is getting to much. Even if your husband doesn’t pay much attention to u, he’s still your husband till death do you part. You’re obviously playing with fire!
    And to the man who’s lusting after another man’s wife…

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      1. I think Lola should have turned down his request, saying it’s due to personal reasons. I called her an idiot because the warning bell rang in her head but she ignored it.

        Already she knows she developing feelings for him. So it’s only wise that she cuts it off by ensuring all their meetings remain professional. But again, how can she do that when she lay up all night thinking about him? She’s still with him when she’s not with him.

        At times, we have to be blunt in order to prevent future damage.

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        1. Yeah, she shouldn’t accept Ms Shittu’s counsel above Biblical counsel to FLEE from temptation. We always think we can handle temptation and we also don’t want to come across as a party pooper or prude or whatever the world calls people like us with high moral codes… Lola is trying to be someone she is not, and she is playing with fire. Good call!

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