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Hi Ufuoma! I’ve nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award! Here’s the blogger who nominated me. 🙂

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Private: The Intolerance of Religion in a Tolerant Society
“We’re not trying to make you homeless, we just want to destroy your house!”
Great analogy! That is such a gem.

Private: You Are A Royal Priesthood…A Peculiar People
I needed to read this. I often get discouraged in my walk with God because I don’t like reading the Bible. I don’t like reading in general. Hand me a newspaper and I have to make a conscious effort to finish one article. Hand me a novel and I’ll check the clock three or four times before I finish one chapter. It’s hard for me to faithfully read the Bible, and I have failed time and time again to read the whole thing. This often makes me feel like I’m failing as a Christian. I get discouraged when I can’t get when I would consider enough scripture read to finally get the whole bible read before anyone realizes that I haven’t done it yet, and I give up. Your words have me a little breather. 🙂 Now maybe I’ll lighten up on myself a bit and just read for the sake of getting to know my Heavenly Father, instead of constantly sabotaging myself with my lofty expectations.

Thanks! 🙂

Private: Would You Stop?
I really don’t know if I’d stop in those situations.

There’s a couple next store who gets into awful fights. The guy yells at the girl and swears at her and says all sorts of degrading things to her. I can hear it loud and clear, but I haven’t done anything. The funny thing is, it’s not the guy i’m really afraid of. I’m afraid of the girl. I’m afraid she won’t want my help. I’m afraid she’ll be offended that I stuck my nose into her business.

I think I’m getting way to selfish and complacent.

Private: Would You Speak?
I definately struggle with this one. I used to really like debating (I used to debste on Gaiaonline a lot, a place where most users are non-christian) but recently I’ve just stopped. I can’t stand it anymore. I enjoyed Gaiaonline a fair bit, because in the Exstended Discussion forrm, most people had pretty good if not excelent debating skills. However, over the past five years, it seems that debate is going down hill in all mediums. No one cares to exchange ideas and offers well thought out arguments anymore. It seems like most people make their emotions the crux of their debate, which sullies and distupts the facts and integrity of the debate. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even want to try sny more. If I say the wrong thing or use the wrong word a meaningless argument that gets us no where fast could occur. Ugh. It drives me crazy.

Unforetunately, I must confess, I have stopped caring. It seems that the people who need to hear what is being spoken the most will do whatever they can not to hear it. 😛

I definately need help with this. I don’t want to speak up anymore.

Private: If I Drop Christ
Beautiful. 🙂 Inspirational.

You have a lovely heart. 🙂

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