A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Season Finale)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Danny and Tolu shared their very first kiss in front of the Minister, who married them before God and their families and friends.  Tolu had been longing for this kiss for months, but worried if it would meet her expectations.  Danny had taken his time on Tolu’s lips, because he had been longing to savour them too.  He’d expertly treated her to his tongue, his teeth, as he had nibbled and sucked on her bottom lip, and his caress on her lower back, trailing the rise of her ample bottom.

When he’d finally released her, Tolu beamed at her family and friends.  Yes, it had surpassed all her expectations.  She wanted to do it again!  The congregation had laughed, when she’d pulled Danny in for another round.  She hadn’t stopped kissing him since.

The lovebirds travelled to Mauritius for their honeymoon.  It was a French-speaking Island in the Indian Ocean, which had beautiful beaches, reefs, lagoons and exotic resorts.  Tolu was surprised to discover that Danny had learnt French enough to speak comfortably with the natives.  She really loved the language, and found it so sexy whenever he spoke to a waiter in French.

They had their own self-contained Villa by the beach, that was attached to a Hotel.  Their Villa had two en-suite rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a spacious lounge with folding doors that opened to reveal a medium-sized swimming pool just outside, and the vast ocean in the distance.  Tolu was amazed by the beauty of the place.  She didn’t think she would ever want to go home.

On their first night together, Tolu had what she could only describe as an out-of-body experience in Danny’s arms.  Their love making was out of this world.  But beyond theatrics and gymnastics, it was the way he looked in her eyes, the way she felt in her heart, and the way he delighted in savouring every inch of her body, that sent her to the moon and back.

Danny thought he would explode from the amount of emotion he felt in his heart for Tolu.  He couldn’t believe that he had lived his whole life without knowing her.  He regretted that he had given himself to so many others before her.  And he was glad that he had waited with her, he had honoured her, to experience the wonder that was their love-making together, being blessed in marriage by God.


It turned out Ifeanyi did not have the gift of Prophesy, when he had assured Mary that everything would be okay.  They arrived at the hospital to learn that Danny had passed away on the ride there.  The Paramedic said they’d done their best for him, but his injuries were too severe.

Mary wailed at the news.  She crumbled to the ground and cried and cried.  Ifeanyi covered his mouth as he cried too, before he went to his wife to console her.  He had no more words to say to take her pain away.  Why did God let this happen?  Why, God?  Why?


Dami and Sola had enjoyed a short honeymoon at a special resort in Abuja, as their wedding gift from her parents.  It was a lovely, five-star hotel with so many attractions within and nearby for guests to enjoy.  As they were celebrating their honeymoon, the hotel management had given them a complimentary couple’s massage.  Dami was delighted, and Sola was grateful.

However, besides the free couple’s massage, they didn’t take advantage of the other attractions at the hotel.  They were both strapped for cash, so they just window-shopped and spent their days by the pool.  They made love a few nights, when they were both in the mood, as there was often tension between them, and Dami's pregnancy sometimes made her tired and uninterested in doing more than cuddling.

They went to the restaurant twice a day for the complimentary breakfast and a second modest meal later in the day.  On a couple of days, Sola took her to eat at other venues, because he thought the hotel was too expensive.  Dami soon got tired of him complaining about the cost of everything.

Their honeymoon lost its flavour after their first night, though Dami tried hard to keep the cheer going.  On their last night, Sola opened up to her and told her how he was really stressed out and afraid about how they were going to get by, when they returned home.  Home was the Boys’ Quarters of an apartment he used to share with a couple of his friends in Ikota.  Dami wasn’t keen on it either, but she remembered that she had married Sola for love, and not for money.

When they returned from their honeymoon, Dami’s Uncle, Ope, called Sola to meet with him at his office.  He offered him a job in one of his companies.  Sola was overjoyed!  Even though he knew he was being given this grace as the husband of his niece, Sola knew that it was a sure privilege and not a right, and didn’t intend to abuse the opportunity.  He thanked Ope profusely, when he left his office that morning.


The news of Daniel’s fatal accident reached the papers, and drew sympathisers from everywhere.  The boarding school came under questioning, when Ifeanyi made a statement that they had been battling bullying at the school, and Daniel had been a victim of this vice.  The school published a public apology for the incident, while still emphasising that it was an accident.  They said they had done and will continue to do their best to clamp down on bullying at the school.

Emmanuel was so sad when he heard of it in the States.  Chidinma had cried as she had conveyed the news to him, asking if she could delay her coming, to support Mary and Ifeanyi with burial plans.  Emmanuel had agreed, and promised that he would also come down and attend the funeral.  Daniel had been such a sweet boy, and even though they hadn’t spent much time together, since he was often away at boarding school, Emmanuel knew how much Mary loved the boy.


Jason and Fiona had their court wedding, with members of their Fellowship as witnesses to the occasion, in July.  They had written their own vows to exchange, highlighting the importance of their mutual Faith in their union, and recognising God as the Spirit that bound them together in covenant marriage.  Jason kissed his wife again, and she felt some fresh anointing, as she lifted one foot in glee.

They had a lovely celebration dinner with a few friends at the Water Grill restaurant, in Downtown Los Angeles.  It was a cosy family environment, that specialised in seafood, Jason’s favourite.  Though Jimmy and Jamie couldn’t make it, they were treated to pictures and videos of the day’s events via their family group on WhatsApp.

Fiona had a special glow to her today.  She and Jason had found out, just that morning, that they were going to be parents.  They were going to have to start looking for somewhere bigger to rent, or even buy, to accommodate a family.

Jason and Fiona took a week’s honeymoon, after their court wedding.  They went to Miami Beach in Florida.  They also spent the weekend at Orlando, where they enjoyed the theme park attractions.  Jason was surprised, but pleased to discover that Fiona was quite a thrill-seeker, as she was eager to go on all the wild rides.

In the nights, they made love in their hotel room.  They stole pleasures in the shower and the jacuzzi, but mostly, they enjoyed the bed, with the soft silk sheets, and comfortable mattress beneath them.  Jason was delighted to discover time and time again, that Fiona was not as timid as she looked.  In fact, she was quite the adventurer in bed.


Cindy was sad to hear about the death of seventeen-year-old Daniel Uwanna.  She had read about it in the papers, and the suggestion that it could have been as a result of bullying was highly sickening to her.  Why did people think they had to step on others to stand?  There was even speculation going about that there was more to the story, as one of the boys accused of bullying, was actually the youngest son of the late Pastor Bolaji, who had sexually abused Daniel’s elder sister, Mary, and then killed himself when he was discovered, six years ago.

Cindy felt so bad for the family, especially Mary.  As one who had also been abused as a child, even being forced into prostitution, she knew the pain of injustice too well.  It was also why she had really tried her best to be patient and understanding with Promise.

Cindy was surprised to receive a call from Chidinma, asking if she would cater for the wake they were going to have next week.  Though sad for the boy and his family, she was happy at the job opportunity, as it would be her second catering job since the wedding.  Someone else had contacted her to cater for an event, after Tolu and Danny’s wedding.  It seemed things were beginning to shape up for her.  Maybe leaving Ope and Promise had been the best thing for her after all.


Mrs Richard Sawani was a miserable, poor woman, looking after three children with only occasional support from their father.  He was always chasing one new project or dream with investors, but each project he had undergone had suffered a short lifespan of three months or less.  He’d started leaving home for three months at a time, returning with small money for the children’s school fees and a few provisions for their home at Ikorodu.  He would stay a week, and then off he went again.  She didn’t even know where he stayed in Lagos.

However, since the last time he left, about six months ago, he hadn’t returned home.  He didn’t even call, and he wasn’t answering her calls either.  Two of her children were ill, and her eldest had an examination to write, but they hadn’t even paid for the exam fee nor the textbooks. 

As she had dropped out of University when she got pregnant for her first child, she hadn’t been able to secure a good paying job.  Her small hair-making business was all they were surviving on.  She really prayed that Richard wasn’t dead, because even though he was a pathetic husband, he was no use to her dead.

So, she was surprised when one morning, she received a letter by courier.  She’d signed for it, wondering what it could be.  At first, she thought it was for her husband, but it had been addressed to her.  She opened it and screamed when she saw the cheque for N1,000,000!

She couldn’t stop screaming, until a few of her neighbours gathered, wondering what the commotion was about.  She just showed them the cheque, and they joined her in jumping and screaming gleefully.  Finally, someone offered a voice of reason, and asked her why someone would send her a cheque for that much money.

It was then she saw that there was a letter attached it.  She opened it and read it aloud to her friends and neighbours:

“Dear Madam, please find enclosed a cheque of N1,000,000 as full payment of entitlement as the legal spouse of Mr Richard Sawani, former Executive Director at OpexMall.com.”  Mrs Sawani’s eyes opened wide.  She couldn’t believe her husband was involved with such a big business.  She continued reading.  “As per our contract agreement, Mr Sawani has been relieved of his duties at the company, following allegations of sexual harassment and exploitation – YEH!” she suddenly exclaimed, before continuing, “…and accessory to child trafficking.”

“Oh, my God!”  She dropped the letter, when the other women exclaimed too, at the report on her husband.  What was this all about?  Could Richard really be involved in something like this?  The other women compelled her to finish reading the letter.

“By your acceptance of this entitlement and compensation, on behalf of your husband, you waive any claim to the future profits of OpexMall.com, and any right to litigation concerning the termination of this contract.  We believe that the sum enclosed will assist with your needs to care for your family, in any case your husband may be incarcerated, following a conviction.  Please accept our humble regrets.  Sincerely, Attorney Kayode Balogun, Balogun & Babatunde Legal Practitioners, Lawyers of Opex Industries Ltd.”

All the women looked at Mrs Sawani, wondering if she was going to breakdown and cry.  They were surprised when she shouted, “Praise God, oh!!!  He has finally answered my prayers, oh!  I’m going to leave this place, open my Salon business and send my children to proper schools!  That devil of a husband cannot hold me down forever!”


Mary was in all black, as she had been since the day her youngest brother had been killed by a bus.  Today, she was burying him, but not his legacy.  His death had to stand for something.  It had to mean something.  She didn’t believe it was just an accident as the school reported.  She was sure it was linked to the bullying he had been experiencing at that school, but she wasn’t of the mind to investigate it herself yet.

She kept thinking of what she had missed, and what more she could have done to stop this from happening.  Honestly, she hadn’t sought God’s face before she had decided to send him to that school.  It had come highly recommended by friends, but if she had known to check first, she might have noticed that Mrs Akinwumi was on the board of the school.

But what difference would knowing that really have made?  She was a forgiving woman.  She would probably have taken the chance on sending him there, and even sought a reconciliation with the wife of her abuser.

Or was that the problem?  Had she neglected to seek reconciliation?  If she had, maybe things would have been different, and they wouldn’t have picked on her brother.  Mary started crying again.

Why couldn’t she stop blaming herself and thinking "what if"?  God was in control no matter what…and He had let it happen.  She was always praying for her brothers!  Always.  Why didn’t God listen this time?  Why did the enemy have to come and steal from her again?

Ifeanyi pulled Mary in his arms, as she wept aloud, during the Funeral service.  He had been really struggling to console her after her loss.  He had to keep reminding her that God had a reason for taking Daniel from them.  That in every situation and circumstance, they should give God praise.  Even though it was hard for him to say it, he knew it was the truth.  He fought back his own tears, as he sought to calm his wife.  There was no use in both of them breaking down.

They did the wake at Mary and Ifeanyi’s home at Victoria Garden City.  Mary tried to smile as she thanked her friends and family for coming, and for their prayers.  She was also happy to see Emmanuel, and thanked him for allowing Chidinma to stay back to assist with planning the occasion.  Chidinma had hired someone to cook, as well.  The food smelt good, but Mary didn’t have much appetite to eat.

Samson and Samuel went to console their sister, when Ifeanyi left her to attend to their visitors.  They’d cried badly when they had heard of it, and felt bad because they hadn’t paid much attention to Daniel since they started University life.  Today, they were calmer, and attended to Mary and their friends and family who visited.

Chuka and Ijeoma came too.  They went to Mary, who sat on an armchair like a mother who had lost her only child.  They both prayed with her, and assured her that God was in control.

The wake brought so many people together, who knew the couple and the boys.  Mary was even surprised to see Jamie and Jimmy Solomon at her house.  She watched as they greeted Ifeanyi, and smiled when she saw Ifeanyi and Jamie hug.  That was quite something, she thought.

The brothers then approached her to extend their condolences.  Mary was properly broken, and wept when Jamie apologised to her for trying to rape her in her home, last year.  He told her that he was out of his mind, but has found Jesus now.  She’d thrown her arms around him, and he had cried.

Mary eventually arose, to speak with her guests.  Ifeanyi went to her side, to support her as she gave her speech.  Mary was usually full of words, but today, she had few.

“I want to thank you all for coming to honour my darling brother, Daniel Uwanna.  Daniel was a star gone too soon.  He was probably too good for the world, which may be why God took him.  I still don’t understand it, but I want to trust that God was in control in this situation, as I believe He is always in control.

“Daniel will never be forgotten, in my heart and in the hearts of those who loved him.  I hope his death will be a wake-up call all around the world to bullies, of the recklessness of their words and actions.  Everything has a ripple effect, so let us all be mindful of each and every one of our actions, and choose love.  Thank you for your prayers and wishes.  May God watch over you as you go.”


The nurse attending to Adania had just picked up her weekly order of fresh cut flowers, and changed the water and flowers in the vase.  The curtains had already been drawn that morning, as they did each day, following Jamie’s instruction.  However, one of them wasn’t opened all the way, so that not enough light was filtering into the room.

The nurse went to adjust the curtains, when she heard a small voice say “Hello…?”  She almost jumped out of her skin, scaring her patient in the process.  Now concerned that maybe she had imagined it, or maybe she had scared the woman to death, she bent down to check Adania’s breathing.  It was steady.  She breathed a sigh of relief.

“My baby…” the voice came again.

Now, the nurse knew Adania was awake.  She turned to her, and she had opened her eyes.  She quickly pressed a buzzer, to alert the on-call Doctor, before going to Adania.

“Are you okay, Ma?” the nurse asked Adania.

“My baby…  Is he okay?”

The nurse then remembered that Adania had been pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital.  She smiled down at her.  “He’s fine, Ma.  You delivered a healthy boy.  Six months ago.  Welcome back.  You were missed.”

Adania was relieved by the news.  She wanted to see her baby, then the nurse’s words “Six months ago” registered in her brain.  What was she still doing at the hospital?  She blinked.  “Six months?  What happened to me?”

“I don’t know everything, but the Doctor will explain everything to you when he comes.  Plus, you can ask your husband when you see him.  He will be so happy to see you!”

“My husband?” Adania creased her brow in confusion.  She lifted her left hand up, to find a diamond ring on it.  When did she get married and to whom?


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  1. See me o was even carried away emotionally by Mary’s loss just to remember that it’s a story.
    Things are beginning to take shape for different families but I’m more interested in amaka’s story but you want us to have high bp before season three Abi? OK no wahala but this is an excellent piece from it’s construction to it’s flow..great job ma’am!👍👍👍👍👍😎

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  2. A lot of lessons to pick indeed..kemi the good girl now gone bad,Lola’s husband having a crush for amaka,the Solomons family now Christian, the ones upon a time slay queen amaka now having a turbulent relationship, ones upon a time gentle man doctor now in police custody( a big lesson to all girls all that glinter is not gold a guy could b prince charming and caring and yet devilish ) and the high moments a test of Marys faith…. Bad things happen to good people,not that God is not aware but he just let it happen(d story of job in the Bible)…… Nice piece beginning to the end though we don’t know how long to wait for the next series..more Grace to you

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    1. Thanks Marvel! I really appreciate your feedback. Yes, we should be careful how we judge people, even when our jugdment is positive… and we should always pray for those who look strong too. It takes a lot to stay ground and keep standing. The enemy is always looking to attack.

      God bless you!

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