A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 6)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Why did he say he was sorry?  After all these years…  And then he invites me to dinner?  What’s he thinking?  Does he really want to be friends, or is there something he needs?

Keisha was staring at her phone, looking at Ifeanyi’s profile picture on his WhatsApp DP.  He had just changed it today, with a picture of himself wearing a nice, dark blue suit.  It must be a new picture.  She much preferred it to the old picture he had up of him and his wife.

Was he trying to send her a message?  But he said the old Ifeanyi is dead…  So, why would he even want to meet with her?

She opened their chat, and saw that he was online.  Since he had offered her a dinner date last Sunday, she hadn’t gotten back to him.  Maybe she should hit him up now…  It was a Wednesday afternoon, and he should be at work.  So, he wouldn’t have pressure from his wife to respond in a certain way.

Hey Ifeanyi…” she wrote.  She began to type “How’s your day going?“, but decided to delete it, in preference for waiting for his response first.

Within a minute, Ifeanyi responded.  “Hey…  How are you?

Keisha: “Good.  How are you?

Ifeanyi: “Good too.

Keisha: “What you up to?”  She thought she would engage in a little chit chat.  No point rushing to the point.

Ifeanyi: “Just about to step into a meeting…”

Oh, the brush off…  Keisha smiled.

Keisha: “Oh, okay.  Will holla at you later then.”

Ifeanyi: “Alright, Keisha.  Have a good day!  😊”

Keisha: “Thanks!  You too x.”  She deleted the ‘x’ before sending the message.  She would take her time getting close to him again.  He had opened the door, so there was no need to be in haste.

Keisha put away her phone and sighed.   This was going to be trying, but fun.


Richard had gotten in touch with Ope on WhatsApp as planned, and they had agreed to meet for lunch.  Ope used the opportunity to invite Richard to meet him at his new hotel.  It would become a new strategy for creating awareness about his hotel and restaurant among his clients and acquaintances.  Plus, he really enjoyed Cindy’s daily specials.

Richard arrived about ten minutes late, and was very apologetic.  Ope received him warmly, and they made themselves comfortable at a reserved seating area of the restaurant.  Ope still didn’t know what the meeting was about but, since they were old friends, who had once been close, he decided to relax and give Richard his full attention.  He sensed that Richard was in need of a loan or another significant financial favour.  He hoped that it would be the kind of favour he would be happy to oblige, because he loved to help others in need.

“So, how are you, Richard?” Ope asked.

“I’m good.  I’m good.”

Ope nodded, noting his repetition.  “How’s business?”

“It’s good.  It’s good.  We’re managing.”

Ope nodded, and sighed.  “What do you do?”

“I sell…anything really.  I started with…umm…appliances…  That has been going well.  It kind of dipped with the economy.  But, I want to set up…like ummm…an online retail business…”

“Like Konga?”

“Ummm…  No, not really.  I sell used stuff too.  It’s more like…ummm…a gateway or a network for people who need stuff, and those who have them.”

“Like eBay?”

“Yes…yess!!  For Nigeria.  I’ve been talking to a few people about coming on board…  I’m hopeful…but I thought you might be able to help with developing the strategy…and ummm…investing in it as well.”  Richard said all this as he bopped his head.

“Ummm…” Ope muttered.  “Do you have a written proposal, with budgets and projections?”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Richard reached for his suitcase to bring out his file, which contained his proposal document.

“Hey, Babe.”  Ope looked up to the sound of his wife’s voice.  “I’m off to the Salon.  I’ve told them to bring your lunch.”  Promise bent down to kiss his lips.

When she arose, she smiled at his client, before her smile froze on her face.  She quickly composed herself, and remembered her manners.  “Good afternoon, Sir,” she greeted the man, who was as surprised to see her as she was to see him.

Richard was struggling with the expression to keep on his face.  He was neither smiling nor frowning, and was trying hard to hide his shock at recognising the woman in front of him.  Was this Ope’s wife?  This whore?  He was mad all of a sudden, but tried not to let it show.  He would have to handle this information delicately, and maximize its opportunities for gain.

“Good afternoon…?” Richard pretended not to know her name, communicating to her that he intended to keep the knowledge of their prior relationship a secret.  But he would never forget that whorish name, which really did not suit her.  Promise.

“Oh, Richard…  Meet my wife, Promise.  Richard is an old friend from High School,” Ope introduced them.

Neither of them made attempts to shake hands, which Ope thought was a little odd.  Promise was usually very polite to his clients.  But Promise was struggling with her response, as she didn’t want to pretend that she didn’t already know Richard, or as she used to call him, ‘Dickhead’.  She wanted to tell her husband the truth, but she also wanted to do so at the right time.

As she walked away, she wondered what sort of wicked things Richard would be saying to Ope about her.  And would he believe them?  What was he even doing there?  She prayed to God, though she doubted that her prayers would be answered, that she would never have the misfortune of seeing him again.  She had a bad feeling he would be around for a while.

Richard remembered the file in his hand and handed it to Ope.  He was both excited and anxious.  How did Ope meet Promise, and what hold did she have on him that he would marry a whore?  Did he even know the kind of woman he married?  A man such as Ope deserved an angel…not whatever Promise was!

He tried not to think about her, and face the business at hand.  But the memories were already causing him to lose focus on his presentation.  That bitch!  She was already in his head.


Danny and Tolu were returning from dinner at his parent’s place in Ikeja.  It had been a lovely evening, and they had all been happy to meet his beautiful fiancée.  Danny arrived at Tolu’s apartment building at Iyana Ipaja at 10pm, but he wasn’t ready to call it a night.  Neither was she.

He parked the car, and switched off the engine.  She waited until he got around to her side of the car to open the door for her, as the gentleman that he was.  They held hands as he walked her to her front door.  They both sighed deeply when they got there.

Till now, they had not kissed.  Tolu had wanted to, especially when he proposed.  She was sure that he would.  But he had only kissed her cheek and given her a tight hug.

Now he looked in her eyes in a way that caused her tummy to do flips.  She was so attracted to him, and now madly in love with him.  How was he managing to compose himself so well, she wondered?

Danny ran his hand up her arm, sensually, while praying for grace to treat her the way she deserved to be treated.  He was really hoping they could spend more time together, but didn’t think it would be a good idea for them to be alone in her home.  He knew how much he desired her, and how much she desired him.  But he was done doing things his own way.  More than anything, he really appreciated and loved the relationship he had with God, which was minute to minute.  It was amazing.

“Do you want to come in?” she asked, her voice a little shaky.

“Yes,” he said honestly, and swallowed at the excitement in her eyes.  “But not tonight, darling.”

“Okay,” Tolu smiled and nodded.  She wasn’t sure what to do, because he wasn’t moving, and the way he was stroking her arm was making her go crazy.  “What do you want to do?”

Danny sighed.  “I want to spend more time with you…”

Tolu grinned.  “Me too.”

“Do you want to go for a walk?”

“At this time?”

“You’re safe with me.”

“Okay.  Let me go and change my shoes…”

“Okay.  I’ll be waiting…” Danny said, smiling.

Tolu opened her door and let herself in.  Danny leaned on the wall outside.  He heard her as she kicked off her shoes and moved about in her small apartment.  Her phone rang.  She wasn’t picking the call.

He heard her as she approached the door, and her phone began to ring again.  Who was that calling her at this time, Danny wondered.  And why wasn’t she picking the call?

Tolu was annoyed that Femi would be calling her again, and at this late hour.  She didn’t have anything more to say to him, and she didn’t want to speak with him, while Danny was around.  She cut the call again, and wondered if she should just leave her phone at home.  She decided she would, and left it on the table by the door, before opening the door again to meet Danny outside.

As she locked the door, the phone began to ring again.  She gritted her teeth in annoyance.  Of all the times to bother her!

“Why aren’t you picking the call?” Danny asked, as he took Tolu’s hand in his for their stroll.

Tolu looked at Danny, and knew he deserved the truth.  But what was the truth?  “It’s someone I don’t want to talk to…” she said at last.

“I got that,” Danny smiled.  “Is everything okay?”

Tolu nodded.  “Yes.  Everything is fine.”  She sighed deeply.

The phone was still audible as they neared the gate of the compound.  “This person seems quite determined to speak with you.  May I know who it is?”  Danny swallowed.  He had hoped she would have told him without his prompting.  It didn’t seem right that he should have to ask her.  He stopped and tried to look in her eyes.  She was avoiding his gaze.

Tolu let out a sigh.  “His name is Femi.  He’s my ex.”

Danny nodded.  He had figured as much.  “Did he break your heart?”

Tolu smiled at Danny, as she nodded.  “That was ten years ago.”

“Are you still friends?”  Danny had a thousand and one questions.  Why wouldn’t she just tell him everything, and put his mind at ease?  Why was he still calling, and why didn’t she want to speak with him?  Did she still love him?  Was he a threat?  Were they intimate recently?

She shook her head.  “He wants to get back together with me.  But I told him no.  I don’t want to talk about him.”  She swallowed.

“Okay,” Danny swallowed, disappointed.  “Maybe we should call it a night.”

“Are you upset with me?”

“No, I’m not.  I’m just trying to respect your decision not to talk about him,” Danny said.

“So, why can’t we continue our stroll?”

“Because…  I want to know more…and you’re not telling me.  You must have your reasons, but I don’t really want to talk about anything else now.  So…let me leave you for tonight.”  He kissed her hand, before he dropped it, and walked to his car.

“Danny…” Tolu called after him.

He paused by the car door.  “It’s okay, Tolu.  Take your time.  I love you.”

Tolu covered her mouth to keep from sobbing as she watched Danny enter his car and drive away.  Why couldn’t she just have told him everything?  What was she afraid of?  And why was this fool calling her at this time and sabotaging her relationship with Danny?!

She stormed back into her apartment angrily.  What a way to ruin a beautiful evening!  Fucking Asshole!!!

When she got in, her phone rang again.  It was Femi.  She picked up enraged.  “For God’s sake, stop calling me!  I am happy, okay?!  I am happy, and you are a selfish bastard, who doesn’t want me to be happy!  Just leave me the hell alone!”

“Wow…  You must really love me,” Femi said coolly in response, and giggled when Tolu cut the call.

To be continued…

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