A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 32)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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It had been three months since Samuel and Rosemary met, and they were becoming the best of friends.  They didn’t really consider themselves to be dating or in a relationship.  Samuel hadn’t expressively asked Rose out yet.  But they actively sought time together to meet socially, and Rose started attending the Christian Fellowship meetings.  They talked about a lot of things, and enjoyed how they both sharpened each other’s love and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Rose was going to be an activist.  She knew it.  She had a passion for women’s causes and speaking out against all forms of abuse and injustice.  She had her own personal abuse story, which she hadn’t yet shared with Samuel, though.

Samuel knew he was falling in love with Rose, but he was still praying about whether or not to ask her out and make what they had official.  He didn’t want anything that would steal his focus from God, and he also wanted to focus on his studies and pass his exams with flying colours.  Unlike his brother, Samson, he wasn’t very good at multi-tasking.

But he really liked Rose, and mostly, he loved her passion for God and her heart for activism.  He thought she would make a wonderful leader someday.  He wasn’t sure if she would make a good wife, though.  She had some unconventional ideas about marriage and men and women’s roles…and that was one of the things they were still ironing out.

One Saturday afternoon, they walked together to Samuel’s small, private accommodation near the University Campus, which he shared with his brother, after one of their Fellowship Meetings.  Samuel had invited her over to watch a movie with him.  He hadn’t known what to expect, but was overjoyed when she had said "yes".  He thought maybe he could finally tell her how he felt about her, and his intentions for their relationship.

However, when they got inside his studio flat, Samuel and Rose heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the bedroom.  Samuel swallowed.  This was so inappropriate.  They decided to leave, and go for a walk instead.

At the corridor of the small complex of studio flats, as he was about to lock the door, Samuel saw Ebele, Samson’s girlfriend approaching.  OMG!  So, it wasn’t her with Samson in the bedroom…  How was he going to stop her from catching Samson in the act?

He walked towards her, the key still in his hand.  “Hey, Ebele…  What’s up?” Samuel thought he could delay her by engaging her in conversation.

“Hi Samuel.  Is Samson in?” she asked.

“Ummm…”  Samuel didn’t want to lie in front of Rose.  He would have, if she wasn’t there, to protect his brother.  “Why do you ask?  Do you have a date?”

Ebele looked at him strangely.  What an odd question.  “I’m his girlfriend, Samuel.  Don’t worry, I’ll just check…”

Samuel acted fast, restraining her from passing him, by putting up a hand.  “No, no…  Wait…  Actually, he’s probably still out playing football.”

Ebele knew something was wrong.  Samuel’s companion was looking at him funny, and even Samuel was sounding off.  Samson must be in his room with someone else, Ebele figured.  She pushed passed Samuel.  “Excuse me!”

Samuel smacked his hand on his head, feeling bad about how he had handled the situation.  He watched helplessly as Ebele barged into his flat.  She banged on the door of the bedroom, where Samson was having sex with another girl.

Samuel turned to Rose and shrugged, thinking what more could he do.  He didn’t expect to see the sad, disappointed, heartbroken look on her face.  She even had wet eyes.  “I can’t believe you just did that!” she said.

He was a little dumbfounded.  What was she angry about?  “Did what?”

“You were just protecting your brother, who is cheating on his girlfriend!  You are just like him!”

What?  I am not!  It's guy code,” Samuel said, feeling foolish, yet desperate to justify himself.  He reached for Rose as she began to walk away.  She snatched her hand free.

“What about GOD CODE?  What about holiness, Samuel?!  I can’t believe I almost fell for you,” she said, bursting into tears and running away.

Samuel couldn’t run after her.  It was as if she had just kicked him in the nuts.  He was frozen and she fled from him, and he felt his heart break.  Why hadn’t he done the right thing?  Because you have become so used to disregarding wisdom for peace.

But there was no peace anymore.  Samson had been caught red-handed.  Samuel could hear Ebele shouting at him.

“Don’t use your twin trick on me, asshole!  I just bumped into Samuel in the hallway…with his girlfriend!  We’re done!!”

Samuel was at the door, facing his half-dressed brother, when Ebele ran past him.  Samson had an accusing look, as though it was Samuel’s fault he had been caught.  The other chick was getting dressed fast, and soon left the brothers alone.  The moment she left, Samuel lunged at Samson.

Samson waded off his brother’s punches, but didn’t try to fight back.  He knew Samuel had finally snapped.  Samuel struggled to land an effective blow.  He really wasn’t a fighter.  Eventually, he tired and sat down on the sofa and sobbed.  Samson also sat on the sofa, putting his head into his hands.  He really liked Ebele…  He had really messed up!


A week passed before Temi called Michael.  She had been battling with her Faith on the right thing to do.  She knew she wanted Michael.  She’d felt so close to him when they had spoken at the party.  But she had to think of her children, even if Oyinda didn’t care about anyone but himself.

Eventually, her mulling over it led her to decide to call him.  She would only talk to him.  She wouldn’t see him.  She just needed someone to talk to.  A man who understood her and her heartbreak.  Someone she could be real with.

So, she’d called him.  And they had spoken on the phone for hours.  He didn’t seem to get tired of hearing her talk about her marital problems.  He even gave some constructive advice.  After three days, she was done talking.

She called him one night, when Oyinda was in Abuja.  “I need to see you…” she said, when he had picked her call.

Michael closed his eyes, and swallowed hard.  “Do you want to talk?”  He wasn’t sure how much more of that he could bear.  He wanted her so badly.

“I just want to be with you…” she said, shaking and wondering if she was going to change her mind, if she didn’t see him within the next five minutes.

“Meet me at the Oriental.”

After they had dropped the call, Temi dashed into the shower to wash and shave her private part, armpits and legs.  She was filled with so much adrenaline.  She got dressed and made up in just 20 minutes, and got to the hotel without incident.  He’d sent her a text with the number of the room he had booked for them.

As Temi rode the elevators, she knew there was no going back after this.  Could she really do this?  She would become just as guilty as Oyinda…  She would lose her higher ground.  What’s the point of having higher ground when you’re the one who is miserable?  Temi knew that wasn’t the voice of God, but today, it sounded like wisdom.

All reason was expelled from her mind, when Michael opened the door to his suite, bare chested and gorgeous, looking like a juicy whole lamb to a starving dog.  Temi rushed into his arms and kissed him passionately.  He carried her into the room, and locked the door.


It was the morning of his school’s Graduation Ceremony in mid-July.  Daniel was expecting Mary and Ifeanyi to show up today, and was looking forward to going home with them.  This was his last day in boarding school, and he couldn’t wait for the whole experience to be over.

Even though the taunting had reduced from Bode and his gang, the damage to Daniel’s status within the school was already established.  It was hard for the other children not to target him for mockery and abuse.  Even his juniors saw him as a joke.

There was a hall nearby that the school normally used for its big events.  They would be holding the ceremony there today, as the hall at the school was not big enough.  Since it was walking distance, the children were told to walk to the venue.  As usual, Daniel kept to himself.

He was surprised and hesitant, when another boy came up beside him to talk to him.  He was one of the few kids that didn’t taunt him, but had always been friendly.  Daniel knew he used to be bullied himself, but since Daniel had shown up at the school, he had deviated a lot of the attention from him.

“Hi Daniel,” he said.

Daniel looked at him cautiously.  He remembered his name from their few interactions.  “Hi Ese.”

“Are you going to travel for the Summer?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know.”

“I’m going to Ghana with my family,” Ese said.

Daniel didn’t say anything to that.  He was wondering why Ese was talking to him now.  Had someone put him up to it?

A couple of the boys in their class, suddenly pushed between them to get ahead, carelessly pushing Daniel unto the busy side road.  One of them muttered “Homos!”, while the other giggled.  A car swerved to miss Daniel, and he dived back unto the narrow pavement.  Daniel was angry about the near miss and pushed one of the boys, who immediately pushed him back.  A teacher shouted at them, saying they should be careful and keep a straight file of two by two.

“Just ignore them,” Ese said to Daniel, when he got back in step with him.

But the homophobic taunts became louder.  Daniel tried to ignore them, and his friendly companion, and began to walk faster.  He wanted to be alone.  Ese hurried to keep up.

“Please, just leave me alone…” Daniel told him.  Ese slowed down, feeling hurt.

One of the boys shoved Ese aside, with a derogatory comment, and threw his arm around Daniel, in a fake friendly gesture.  Daniel pulled the boy’s arm from across his shoulders, and pushed him away.  This was getting ridiculous, he fumed!  The bully nudged Daniel back so that he tripped unto the road, just as a bus, which was avoiding a keke and a parked car on the narrow road, drove by.

The driver did not see Daniel in time, and Daniel’s response was not quick enough.  All the children gasped as the bus trampled Daniel to the ground, riding over him, before coming to a complete stop.  Daniel was sprawled, unconscious and seriously injured on the hot ground.


Mary and Ifeanyi were on their way to Daniel’s graduation ceremony, when she got the call informing her that Daniel had been involved in a road side accident, and was being rushed to the nearest hospital.  Mary confirmed the name and address of the hospital, before hanging up.  She put her hand to her mouth, as the emotions flooded her.

Ifeanyi turned to her, concerned about the change in her emotional state.  “What happened?”

Mary sobbed as she said, “They’ve rushed Daniel to the hospital!  He was trampled…by a…bus!”  She cried aloud.

“Mary, he’s going to be fine.  You hear me?  Just stay calm and pray.  Okay?” Ifeanyi said, fighting the tears that were building up in his eye ducts.  He had to believe it.  God, please…  Save Daniel!

Mary nodded and prayed the rest of the journey to the hospital.  Memories of Daniel and their childhood years, and special relationship kept popping up in her head, as if she was already mourning his loss.  She forced those thoughts away.  She wasn’t going to mourn her brother this year.  Not ever!  He had a bright future ahead of him!  God, please!  Take control!  Save Daniel!  She wept.

To be continued…

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