A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 31)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Keisha had been evaluating her life since the meal she had shared with Ifeanyi and Mary back in March.  She just knew that she had missed a very important part about life, because she realised that she was so very unhappy with a lot of things happening in her life.  She wasn’t living consciously nor wisely.  She was living desperately!  Just trying to make any and everything the focus of her life and source of her joy.

She’d settled in a big way!  She knew she didn’t love Gbenga.  But he was giving her fun, sex, money, parties, popularity and even drugs.  He was the train she was riding to nowhere in her quest for happiness, the same way Ifeanyi had once been.  But she was sick and miserable, and didn’t know how to get off the train.  She’d known something was wrong before, but hadn’t been able to identify what it was until she saw Ifeanyi with Mary.

The man was happy.  Like really happy and genuine.  His eyes were filled with so much pride, love and respect when he looked at Mary, that Keisha’s heart broke thinking of how nobody ever looked at her like that!  She wanted that.  But she knew Ifeanyi could never look at her in that way.  He wasn’t the one for her.  He had never been.  And neither was Gbenga.

Gbenga was easy going, and fun-loving, but he had no goals in life.  He was a spoilt, rich boy, living off his parents’ fortune, just like his brother, Femi.  Still, he treated her well.  She was sure she was his only babe.  But they were not in love.  They were just ‘in fun’.  She’d been gathering up the courage to let him go for months, because they had been dating for three years now.  And she genuinely liked him.

Yesterday, at Daniel Akunne’s wedding, she’d been attentive during the sermon, when the Pastor taught about marriage, and what a responsibility and calling it was.  She hadn’t ever heard the perspectives he had shared before.  He’d said that “it is impossible to do marriage without God” and “it is only by the grace of God that we can love another soul unconditionally“.  And for the first time in her life, she really wanted to know who God was.

She’d heard Danny’s conversion story, when the news broke out last year.  She had been one of his conquests, even while she was with Gbenga.  But the man she had seen yesterday had truly undergone a transformation.  It was one of those things that you just had to see to believe it.

Observing him in the flesh, knowing what he had been like in the past, was a testimony that there was in fact a God, and that all things are possible with Him.  It resonated with the way she had felt seeing Ifeanyi’s transformation.  Love had changed him…  Keisha wanted that kind of a transformation.  She wanted to know that kind of love.

So, after the Reception yesterday, she had told Gbenga, when they got home, that she was moving out…and moving on.  To her surprise, he said he had seen it coming.  That she’d not been the same for months.  He’d wished her all the best.  She also wished him all the best.  She hoped that he would soon wake up and realise that life was meant to be lived purposefully.


Promise and Ope had also been invited to Danny and Tolu’s wedding.  They had attended the Church service and were both blessed by the ministration.  Promise thought that the message about weeds and little foxes was a confirmation that she had done the right thing by letting Cindy go.  She prayed for her husband, that his heart would be single towards her again.  She had noticed his sadness since Cindy had left, and it broke her heart.

Ope had been refreshed by the ministration.  He identified a spirit of bitterness that had been growing, like a weed, in his heart towards his wife, even though he had tried not to hold her decision against her.  A part of him felt she had been unfair to him, considering all he had done for her and how trustworthy he had proven himself to be, through his faithfulness over the years, even when she had been horribly wicked to him.  But the Lord had reminded him today not to keep score, because He doesn’t keep score with Ope.  His love for his wife had to be new every morning, just like God’s mercies towards him.

He’d wiped a tear that escaped his eye and looked at his wife.  She definitely was not the woman he had married.  She was better, and wiser, and much more loving.  He was grateful that she had made the wise decision of cutting Cindy off, on behalf of their marriage.  He’d prayed for more grace to keep loving his wife as Christ loves His Church, and enjoy his marriage as he should.

He’d reached for her hand, and squeezed it tight, before holding on to her.  She’d leaned into him then.  After that, things began to be better between them.  Cindy was crucified, and their love was going to be as strong, and even stronger than ever.

They hadn’t spent long at the Reception.  They’d dropped their gift for the happy couple, and gone up to greet them.  They were even invited to take a photo with them.  Ope had been impressed with Danny’s conversion story, and they had kept in touch, after Danny had sold his hotel to him last year.

Promise and Ope had returned home with revived passion for one another.  Ope savoured his wife in bed, loving every inch of her, and delighting in how she responded to him.  Their love making was as sensational as it had been from the day Jesus had brought his wife home to him.  Every time Ope remembered how much God had done to heal their marriage, his heart overflowed with love for his wife.  He was doing the will of God, and how he loved it.

Promise was so pleased to have her husband back.  The way he looked in her eyes, whenever they made love, drove her crazy.  He was very intentional with his touches and kisses, and she was like putty in his arms.  She never knew she could be so satisfied with one man.  She cried as he brought her to a climax in his arms, again and again.


Amaka stirred in bed, wondering where she was.  Her eyes were slow to focus, and she thought she was dreaming when she saw the man her heart had been longing for looking down at her, smiling lovingly.

“Bolu…?” she called his name, but his smile changed to a frown.  She looked in his eyes, and she almost screamed when recognition dawned on her.

“Amaka, are you okay?” Jamie asked, feeling worried for his ex-wife.  Was she still afraid of him?  And who was ‘Bolu’?

Amaka blinked, feeling very sad at the realisation that it wasn’t Bolu.  What was she doing at the hospital?  Did Jamie hurt her again?  She shifted away from him, feeling frightened.

Jamie stepped back from her, hurt by her fear and rejection.  A doctor and a nurse came in then, being alerted by the monitors that their patient was awake.  Amaka just observed them, wondering when someone was going to tell her what she was doing at the hospital.  She couldn’t remember anything, as all her memory was like fuzz.  She only remembered how much she wanted Bolu.

“Amaka,” Doctor Anyawike called her name, and was happy when she responded to the call by looking at her.  “You were attacked by your boyfriend.”

Amaka’s eyes shot towards Jamie.  So, he had hit her again.  She remembered how badly he had abused her in their marriage, and she suddenly felt choked, wondering if she was still married to him.  Jamie saw the haunted look in Amaka’s eyes and was sorry that he had instilled such fear in her.

“Fortunately for you, your flatmate was around to save you before you crossed over.  Your boyfriend is now in Police custody, so you don’t have to be afraid anymore,” the Doctor continued, with a smile.  She had noticed the horror and terror that crossed Amaka’s face on realising that she had been attacked.

Now, Amaka was confused.  Flatmate?  Which flatmate?  Her memory was returning in scattered pieces.  But she was happy to hear that her ‘boyfriend’, whoever he was, was in custody.  So, it wasn’t Jamie who had attacked her this time.  Still, she was afraid of him.

“Where’s Bolu?” Amaka asked.

The Doctor looked at Jamie and Jamie shrugged his shoulders, signifying his ignorance.

“Who’s Bolu?” Doctor Anyawike asked.

Amaka laid her head back on her pillow, trying to recollect the memories of him.  They were only few, but they were so wonderful.  But she couldn’t place who he was in her life.  “I don’t know…” she said, sadly.

The Doctor and Jamie exchanged concerned looks.  “Don’t worry.  Rest up, and all your memories will come back to you soon.”

Jamie stayed watching Amaka, after the Doctor and Nurse had left.  She was looking at him very strangely, as if she thought she was being watched by a lion, who could pounce on her at any minute.  It made him wonder about Adania.  How would she remember him when she woke up from her coma?  Would she ever wake up?  It had been six months, and he was really beginning to despair of hope.

“Are we married?” Amaka asked suddenly.  She was still trying to remember.

Jamie was surprised.  He shook his head.  “We’re divorced.”  Amaka seemed relieved by that.

“So, what happened to me?”

“Your boyfriend, David, went nuts.  He tried to suffocate you in your room last night.  Zainab heard you scream.  She knocked him out with a frying pan and called the ambulance, because you were unconscious.”

Zainab.  Zainab…  Who’s Zainab?  Amaka wondered.  Then she remembered her old friend from College.  She smiled.  She liked Zainab.  “Where is she?”

“She had to go home.  She was here all night…” Jamie said.  He dared to move closer to her.  “I’m sorry for what David did to you, Amaka.  And I’m sorry for everything I did to you too.  I don’t want you to be afraid of me, anymore.”

Amaka just blinked at him.  She appreciated his apology, but she couldn’t trust it.  There was still a lot she couldn’t remember.


Bolu was at home with his wife.  He was still puzzling over the events of yesterday.  He was feeling so many emotions that he really wished he wasn’t feeling.  One of the strongest was shame.

He was ashamed of himself, as the strange man, who called himself Amaka’s boyfriend, had said he should be.  He had flirted with another woman, and was even going to take a drink to her and flirt with her some more…at his sister’s wedding!  What was it about Amaka that had him acting stupid and spellbound?

He loved Lola.  He really did.  He was happy with his marriage, and satisfied with his wife.  He always thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen…until Amaka.  And Lola had such a sweet soul.  He couldn’t imagine hurting her or breaking her heart.

But he felt like he already did.  Amaka was in his heart, his mind and his soul.  She had haunted his dreams last night, as he had dreamt that he made love to her.  The problem was, he didn’t want to wake from the dream, and when he woke up, he still remembered all the sensations making love to her had brought.  He ached for her.

When Lola had touched him this morning, he hadn’t responded to her in his usual way.  She’d climbed on him, and he’d forced himself to be present with her, but all he could see and feel was Amaka.  When he eventually stopped trying to fight it, and make love to the vision of Amaka before him, that blinded him from seeing his wife, he’d experienced his best orgasm yet.

Lola was so pleased, when she fell on him with satisfaction.  She’d giggled and planted kisses all over his face.  But he had felt so bad, because he hadn’t made love to her.

What was he going to do?  This was crazy!  Maybe he needed to see a Pastor.  Maybe he needed deliverance.  He didn’t want to lose his wife to an imaginary woman or, even worse, to infidelity!  God, he couldn’t bear to think of it.

Bolu got on his knees and began to pray, like he had never prayed before.  Lord, deliver me.  Deliver me from this trap.  Deliver me from Amaka!  He prayed in tongues as the Holy Spirit led him to.

To be continued…

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