A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 30)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Femi had been of two minds about attending Tolu’s wedding.  He hadn’t been invited, but he knew other people who were going.  It was quite a high-profile affair.  Even his parents had been invited.

He finally decided to go as a form of closure.  To say ‘goodbye’, and let her know that he was happy for her.  And if he met some hot, desperate women at the event, it really wouldn’t be a bad thing.

So, here he was at the Reception.  The place was packed to overflowing.  The champagne was flowing.  The music was tight, but he was feeling rather out of place.  It seemed everyone had coupled up before the day.  He’d even spotted his ex-girlfriend, Angela, and she had been with a man too.

He hadn’t yet gathered the courage to go and greet the happy couple, and extend his sincere wishes.  They were now doing their special dance.  Tolu really was a beautiful bride.  The kind that graced the covers of magazines.  Everything about her was just proportionate, except that she had a bit too much height for a lady, he thought.

But her groom matched her.  Femi had a strange respect for the man, because he hadn’t even shown any intimidation the day they had met, if you could call that a meeting.  He had confidence, but not arrogance.  It was intimidating in itself.

Femi swallowed and looked away.  He was surprised to see Dwaine Reynolds strolling into the event hall, and being escorted by bodyguards.  Who does that?  It’s a wedding for fuck’s sake, Femi thought, irritated.  However, his eyes kept scanning to see who Dwaine’s chosen companions were, or if he had decided to come solo, as was also his style.  He smirked at the thought that he might have brought Victoria.

Then he saw her.  One of the bodyguards had blocked her off, but Dwaine made a point of stopping and correcting that, so that she slid her arm through his and they walked in together, as though they were the celebrated couple.  Femi didn’t realise his mouth was open until he felt himself drooling.  He quickly closed and wiped his mouth.  So, they were official!

Chai!  He was really a loser.  He poured the rest of his champagne down his throat.  He was ready to leave this God-forsaken wedding.


Kemi Ojo was in too deep.  The night Oyinda had come to her home admitting that he was still married, but begging her to give him a chance anyway, she’d conceded on more than one point.  She’d been so emotional, so desperate to believe him, and so needy for some affirmation and desirous for him, she’d lost her mind the moment she’d told him to wait.

He’d come to her, where she was still seated on the armchair, and began to kiss her softly as he apologized once more, and said he would never lie to her again, and how much he loved her and needed her.  She’d been all emotions and no brains.  He had kissed, touched, caressed and licked her, until she had cried for him to take her completely.  She’d been lost in him ever since.

His sex was like whoa!  She could hardly believe that her body could feel the way it felt that night.  After that first time together, they both knew he had her.

There was no way she was leaving him after that.  Even if she later discovered he had lied to her about his wife.  It had always been a possibility.  She knew it at the back of her mind, but she’d minimised it to feed her need for him.

And right now, she couldn’t care less about his wife.  When she needed a fix, she would call him, and he was always eager to come and attend to her needs.  Like today, when she’d told him she was in one of the stalls in the bathroom waiting for him.  He had been there within five minutes, and it was the scariest and sexiest thing, getting it on in the bathroom, and wondering if someone was going to come and know that there were people going at it in the stalls.

A couple of times, they’d paused when people came to use the stalls.  It just heightened the anticipation and pleasure, and she’d been able to release herself eventually, when she knew no one else was in the bathroom.  Still, she couldn’t be too loud, just in case someone came in mid-orgasm.

But it wasn’t just about the sex.  They really enjoyed each other’s company.  She was positive they were in love.  He just had to find a way to resolve his situation so they could be together, openly.

Kemi had a satisfied smile on her face as she left the event hall.  She’d had her small adventure at the wedding.  She was still expecting Oyinda to come around tonight.  She couldn’t wait.

She strolled out to where she had parked her car on the street.  The parking lot at the event centre was packed, and she’d been happy parking on the street, so she could breeze in and out.  As she approached her car, she noticed that something was wrong.  There were people hanging around it.

“Hey!  Get away from my car!” she shouted, but it only caused them to laugh at her.  What was this about?

She gasped when she saw the cause of the commotion.  Someone had written in red lipstick all over her windscreen: “I AM A DIRTY WHORE!” and scratched “OYINDA IS MINE, BITCH!” on the body of her car, by the driver side.  To make matters worse, the angry woman had slashed all her tyres!

Kemi didn’t know when she burst into tears.  Why would his wife do this?  Doesn’t she have pride?

Kemi brought out her phone and took pictures of the damage to her car and sent them to Oyinda.  He replied back saying he would get to the bottom of it.  He advised her to get a cab, and he would have her car towed and fixed up.  She was grateful.

What kind of woman was his wife, that she could do such a thing?  Kemi didn’t know if she had it in her to fight back, but she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.  As long as Oyinda wanted her.


David left the wedding soon after realising that his date had already left.  He’d called her, but her line had diverted to voicemail each time.  He decided he would have to try his luck and visit her at home.

He was hurt that she had just abandoned him like that.  He had just introduced her to his family, and she had disgraced him by walking out on him.  And he didn’t even know why.

Was this the way she was?  Temperamental?  She had to know she couldn’t treat him like that.  Yes, she was very beautiful, but that didn’t justify her acting like a brat!

He was angry when he got to her apartment.  It was her flatmate who answered the door.  She said Amaka was in her room, and let him in.

David knocked on Amaka’s bedroom door.  He could hear that she was listening to Gospel music.  It also sounded like she was praying.  His anger turned to annoyance.  He opened the door, and she turned her head to it, apparently shocked by his disturbance.

“What happened?” he asked her roughly.  “Why did you just walk out of the party like that?”

Amaka swallowed.  “Please can you just wait for me outside.  I’m praying.”

David raised an eyebrow, as if the concept of prayer was foreign to him.  “I’ve been waiting for you since.  I deserve an explanation!” he insisted.

Amaka sighed.  She rounded off her prayer quickly, while David stood at the door listening.  She rose up, and looked at him sincerely.

“I’m sorry for leaving the way I did.  I can’t explain why.  I just had to.”

“Was it because I introduced you to my parents?” David asked, feeling calmer with her apology.

Amaka swallowed.  “That wasn’t why.  But I would like to talk about that.  It was very uncomfortable meeting your family that way.  I thought you were jumping the gun a little.”

“But I thought I told you where this was going.  I’m not playing with you, Amaka.  I’m not one of those guys.  I really couldn’t think of a better way to let my family know that I had found a woman I love…and also let you know just how serious I am about you…”

He’d walked into her room then, his anger gone, replaced by concern.  He sat on the bed beside her.

Amaka nodded.  “I understand why you did it.  I just don’t agree.  I’m not in that place with you.  In fact…”  She didn’t know how to tell him she didn’t fancy him anymore.

“What are you saying, Amaka?”

She looked at him squarely.  “I don’t want to move forward with this relationship, David.”  He looked shocked and haunted, like she had just told him she was a witch!  “Can we just be friends?”

David searched her face, hardly believing that he was being dumped.  He had just told the most important people in his life, and a few others, that she was his girlfriend, and now she was dumping him…?  “Why?” was all he could say.

“I don’t feel the way you do.  I want to be passionate about the person I am dating…”

“Passion grows, Amaka.  Give me a chance…”

She sighed and stood up from her bed.  “I have.  I really have.  But, I’m afraid it’s not working out.  You’re a nice guy, but…”

David’s head was spinning, though he wasn’t moving.  Her rejection was taking him back to five years ago when Mary had dumped him, saying almost the same things.  And then his second Mary had dumped him too.  He hadn’t believed her nor let go until he found her in bed with another man.  She did what his first serious girlfriend had done to him.  Why were women so cruel?

David rose up from the bed, and found himself on his knees, clinging to Amaka and begging her to reconsider.

Amaka was getting scared.  David was acting crazy.  Didn’t he have any manly pride?  “No, David.  I can’t.  Please leave…  Now.”

David rose up, and Amaka heard a scream, not realising that it had come from her mouth.  She was now struggling to breathe.  Her thoughts drifted to Bolu from the party, as she felt herself leaving her body.  Then it was over.


Dolapo screamed when she entered her apartment.  The dark figure sitting in her living room was frightening.  But what was more frightening was what she saw in his hands; a knife and her dog.  Dead.  Oyinda had slashed the animal’s throat, and its blood now dripped on her cream carpet.

She was afraid to enter her apartment completely, and even more afraid to switch on the light.  But Oyinda wasn’t moving, though she could see with the slight rising of his shoulders that he was breathing.  Dolapo’s gaze returned to her dead pet in his hand.  She had loved that dog!

She remembered that was how she had bumped into Oyinda, when she was at the park walking her dog two years ago.  He had loved the dog too.  How could he do this?

“You bastard!  You killed my dog!” she cried, finally deciding to enter the room.  She switched on the light then.

“I warned you to stay away from my family, and then you go after my girlfriend!  What part of WE’RE OVER don’t you understand?”  His voice was icy cold.  Was this the same man who had made such passionate love to her, not more than five months ago?

“Oyinda…  I love you.”

“STOP!  JUST STOP!  I don’t want to see you again.  I don’t want to even smell you again!  Don’t think I didn’t know you were dropping hints for my wife!  You knew the situation from the beginning.  I was never going to leave Temi for you.  You are just a greedy bitch, and we’re done!  Stay out of my life…or else…”  He threw the bloody dog at her feet, “…you’ll regret it!”

Dolapo swallowed hard, as he rose up and brushed past her to the door, and walked out of her life.

To be continued…

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