A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 29)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Lola took the cue to go to the restroom to freshen up.  On her way, she passed the high table, where her mother-in-law was seated, as the Mother of the Bride.  She stopped to greet her, and received a big hug and lots of kisses.  Bimbo Adetayo was a very happy woman today.

She asked after her son and grand-daughter, and Lola answered happily that they were all doing fine.  She smiled on her way to the bathroom.  Now, she really needed to go and check whether she had lipstick stains all over her face from Mama’s kisses.

As she reached the restrooms, she saw a young lady come out of the men’s bathroom.  She frowned, not really knowing what to make of it.  Were people really that desperate?  They couldn’t wait till the party was over to get it on?

She walked the small distance to the women’s restroom, and stole a look back at the men’s, a little curious to see if a man would sneak out of it too.  Her mouth dropped open and she held back a gasp, when she saw who it was.  She rushed into the ladies, before he could turn and see her.

How could he???  At such a public place?  What disrespect!!!

Lola cried in the bathroom, as if it were her own husband that she had just seen sneaking out of a bathroom with another woman.  Temi didn’t deserve this!  Temi was a good woman.  A good wife.  A good mother.  What had gotten into Oyinda?


Bolu had returned with the bottles for his tables, but had been called to his mother’s table by one of her guests.  They requested a special bottle of champagne, which the waiters did not have access to, so he had to return to the bar to get it for them.  He was starting to look like one of the waiters, with his frequents trips to and from the bar, but as long as his family and invited guests were happy, that was all that mattered.

When he had gotten the requested bottle, which he decided to take two of, just in case, he turned to leave the bar.  He stopped in his tracks when he stood face to face with the woman who made him forget everything.  She had an apologetic look on her face, while he was sure he looked scared to death.  Because that was how he felt.  Scared.  Of this woman and her magical powers to make him do things he wouldn’t normally do.

“Hey…” she greeted.

“Hey,” he replied, trying his best to appear normal.

“I feel somehow responsible for the show you put on out there…” she said, cheekily.  “I wanted to apologise.”

Amaka, why are you talking to this man?  He is married!  Out of bounds!!!  Amaka didn’t want to listen to that internal voice right now.  This was harmless.  Besides, she wanted to talk to anyone other than David.  She was done with all his medical gist and jokes, and her cheeks were tired of the fake smile she’d plastered on her face since she arrived at this wedding.  She’d made the excuse to use the bathroom, just to get some space from him, and then she’d seen Bolu at the bar.

Bolu didn’t know what to say.  Out of nowhere, the words came.  “Why do I get the impression you are used to such dramatics happening around you?”

Amaka chuckled.  He was funny!  “So, your sister’s the Bride?”  She decided she would ignore his question.

Bolu nodded, and then realised that he still had a mission to accomplish, with two bottles in his hands.  “Where are you sitting?” he asked.

She pointed towards a table by the aisle, at the middle of the hall.

“Okay…  I have to deliver these, but how about I bring you a bottle for your table?”  What??!  Don’t be stupid!  Remember what the Pastor said about ‘little foxes’!

She nodded happily, and returned to her seat.  Leave!  Just leave before you ruin another man’s marriage!  Amaka shut her eyes, as she fought a battle with her flesh.  What are the chances eh?  She argued with her inner voice.  Doesn’t it mean something that I should meet him here again?  Maybe we’re soulmates?

Now, you’re crazy!  He’s married!  He cannot be your soulmate.  And even if he is, tough cookies!  Just leave him alone.  Or you will be sorry…

Amaka held her face in her hands.  This was too much.  Why did she feel this way?  One look at Bolu and she felt so alive…  Yet, she could not have him…  God, what is wrong with me???  She swallowed, knowing what she had to do.  She had to run from him.  It didn’t matter if they were soulmates…


Temi was glad that Lola had left her alone with Michael.  Well, as alone as they were going to be at a wedding.  Thankfully, the other people at the table were engrossed in a conversation, so they did not pay them any attention.

She didn’t know what to do now.  Should she offer him a seat?  Had he come with someone?  A wife, maybe?

“Mind if I sit?” he saved her the trouble.

“Sure,” she breathed, taking her seat again, and watching as he pulled out his seat, and sat down, his long legs apart and his hands knotted between them, as he continued to scope her like an Inspector.

“So, what’s your situation?” he asked straight off.  He’d seen the rings on her finger by now, but she was far too happy to see him.  Her marriage must not be what she hoped it would be.

Temi swallowed, and looked away from him.  She picked up her glass and drank.  She sighed.  “I’m married.  With twins.  What’s yours?”  She eyed him, shyly.

“I’m married too.  One child.”

Temi nodded, feeling sad about his revelation.  She forced a smile, and turned to him.  “So, where’s your wife?”

“In the States,” Michael answered, a bit too eagerly, he thought.  “And your husband?”

“He’s somewhere around here…” Temi said, looking Michael in his eyes.  She didn’t even care enough to look about for her husband.  Right now, she didn’t care if he saw her chatting with another man.  This was not about him.  It was about her!

Michael gave a deep sigh.  “Mehn, I don’t know how I let you get away from me…  I’m so glad I met you today.”

Temi blushed.  “You just heard me say I’m married with twins, right?”

“With your lips…  But your eyes say something else.  Am I wrong?” he licked his lips in that sexy way that used to drive her crazy.  And still did.

She simply shook her head.  “But you’re married too.  Don’t you love your wife?”

Michael shrugged.  “I…  I think I made a mistake.  I care for her.  I like her…  But love?  I don’t think I’ve loved anyone since you…”  He was looking right in her eyes now.

Temi swallowed.  What was he saying?  He’s a lying bastard, just like your cheating husband!  He’ll say anything to get in your pants!  “You know what my husband tells women to get them to sleep with him?”

Michael was stirred by that question.  He was really curious to know, but he wondered if Temi was saying this because she didn’t believe him.  He was also sad to learn that Temi’s husband was cheating on her and didn’t appreciate what a good thing he had.

“What?” he asked.

“He says that we are divorced, because I cheated on him!”

“Did you?” Michael instinctively asked, hoping she would say "no”.

“Of course not!”

She sounded too revolted by the notion of cheating on her husband than he liked.  He hoped she would consider him worthy of that honour.  “He’s an asshole!” Michael said, wishing he could take Temi in his arms and kiss her right there.

Temi swallowed.  “So, what’s your truth?”

Michael sighed, and leaned back in his seat.  “Lisa was my girlfriend in University.  She wasn’t my only girl, but she was my main chick.  I really liked her, but I cheated a lot.  Then she got pregnant.  We didn’t have to get married, but I thought I owed her that…

“So, we got married, and I really tried to be serious and faithful.  Until I found out that she cheated on me.  I thought it was payback.  It hurt a lot!  But I’d done it to her so many times while we were dating, that I decided to forgive her.  Then she did it again.  Different guy!” he chuckled.  He leaned forward in his seat.  “At this point, I didn’t even know what to do…  She asked me to forgive her, but I don’t think I ever did.  How can you have a relationship without trust?”

Temi was listening attentively.  His story sounded true but pathetic.  He and his wife deserved each other, she thought.  She kept quiet.

“Well, I stopped trying to be faithful after that.  We have an open relationship now.  Married in name only.  She lives in the States, and I moved back home about a year ago, when I got a good job offer.  It’s unconventional, but that’s my marriage.  My truth,” he giggled.

“How can you live like that?  Why don’t you just get divorced?”

“We can’t be bothered with the paperwork.  She knows if she ever falls in love, all she has to do is ask, and I’ll sign the papers.  The same way, if I ever decide I want to get married again, I can just ask, and she’ll sign.  But I haven’t met anyone who has made me want to get married again.  I doubt I ever will.”

“Ummm…” Temi muttered and nodded.

“So, why aren’t you divorced?”

Temi swallowed.  “I honestly don’t know.  I thought it was because of my Faith, but I think I’m also afraid of admitting failure.  I really loved him…  In a way, I think I still do…  It’s just I don’t know who he is anymore…”

Temi was getting emotional again.  She covered her face with her hands.  Michael clasped her hands with both of his, feeling her pain.  “Let’s go somewhere and talk…” he said.

She shook her head.  “I can’t.  I’m not that person…”

“Temi, we’re just talking…”

“Yes, that’s where it starts.”  She squeezed her face with pain, and retrieved her hands from his.

“And that’s where it will end, if you don’t want more,” Michael swallowed.  “Believe me, it tore me up when I learnt that Lisa had cheated on me.  Sometimes, men need to see that they’re not the only dick at the party.  Excuse my French.  Jealousy is a powerful emotion.  But don’t do it for him…  Do it for you.”

Temi swallowed.  Michael actually made some sense, in some unholy way.  “Not today.  Can I call you?”

“Sure!” Michael smiled, encouraged.  He gave her his business card, and hoped that she would use it.  “You’re a beautiful, amazing woman, Temi.  Don’t ever forget it.”

Temi looked in his face and smiled.  He rose up then, to take his leave, just as Lola was returning from her long restroom break.  He gave her a small smile as he walked past her.  Temi just watched after him, and was surprised to see Lola’s face when she came into focus.

Lola threw her arms around Temi, who seemed shocked but appreciative of the gesture.  Temi hugged her friend back.  She appreciated Lola’s love and support, but knew she could never tell her about her discussion with Michael.  She wasn’t sure what she would do yet, but she wasn’t ready to consider counter perspectives now.  Right now, she just wanted to appreciate her options.  And Michael was an option.


David returned to his table, after using the opportunity of Amaka’s bathroom break to catch up with some of his cousins, only to find out that Amaka wasn’t there.  He asked the other guests at their table if they had seen her and where she had gone.  They said they hadn’t.  One said she thought she had gone home, because she looked upset.

David couldn’t understand why Amaka wouldn’t have waited for him, even to ask him to drop her at home.  What could have made her so upset?  Was she angry with him or did someone else upset her?

Just then, he noticed the tall, rugged man, who he had seen chatting with her at the bar, loitering around his table with a bottle of champagne.  He seemed to be looking for someone.  David watched as he returned to his table, after not finding the person he was looking for.  Were they both after the same woman?  He wouldn’t have been surprised, because Amaka was that beautiful, even for the Brother of the Bride to want to send her a special bottle.

David didn’t know what came over him, when he decided to walk over to Bolu’s table and confront him.  “Were you just looking for Amaka?”

Bolu was taken aback.  Who was this guy?  “What?  Who is Amaka?”  But he could never forget her name, which he had branded in his memory.

David smirked.  “Don’t play coy with me!  You were just hanging around my table with a bottle of champagne.  I saw you talking to her earlier!  You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr Married Man!  Amaka is my girlfriend…so you stay the hell away from her!”

Bolu’s guests were all dumbfounded by the outburst, and some looked at Bolu, wondering if there was any truth to the accusation.  Bolu didn’t know what to say.  He was just glad Lola was not on his table, and was engrossed in a conversation at her table.  He didn’t bother to refute the insecure man’s accusations.  He just gave him a hard stare until he walked away, back to his table, where there was no Amaka.

Who was she?  And where did she go?  He wondered, as his heart constricted within him.  Was it possible he loved her already?

To be continued…

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    1. Thanks Victoria for commenting at last! She actually has confronted him, but he lied to her face. Remember, in Season One, on Valentine’s Day? It’s really not easy to know what to do when you are in this situation. I think Oyinda needs an external input, and maybe from a man who also learned the hard way…of maybe a knock on the head from God!

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