A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 28)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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It was the morning of Danny and Tolu’s wedding, and Temi was up early getting ready to make it to the Church on time.  She’d found the card for the Make-up Artist she had met at the supermarket back in February, when she had tipped her bag upside down in search of her keys the other day.  So, she had decided to call her to see if she would be available to do her make-up for the wedding.

She would have done it herself, but she felt she needed extra pizzazz today.  She wanted a look that would make her smile for the sheer beauty of it, and one that concealed her sadness.  Her usual make-up did not succeed in covering up her unhappiness anymore.  In fact, she thought it highlighted it.

Today, she was going to have fun, and not worry about her husband nor his mistress.  Today, she was going to drink and be merry with friends and forget about her troubles.  Today, she was going to rediscover Temi, and enjoy being a beautiful woman again.  She sighed as she considered her reflection in the mirror.  Yes, she was going to need a ton of make-up.

Oyinda was in the shower, when Dolapo arrived to do Temi’s make-up.  He came out in his bathrobe, and first recognised her frame from the back.  He confirmed it was her, when their eyes met through the tall mirrors attached to Temi’s dresser.  Temi didn’t notice the mocking expression that crossed Dolapo’s face for a brief moment, before she greeted, “Good morning, Sir.”

Oyinda ignored her, and went to his changing room, which was just a big walk-in closet beside their bathroom.  All the wardrobes that lined their apartment-sized bedroom housed Temi’s things, but the closet was his.  He closed the door and cursed madly under his breath. 

What was she doing here?  How did she know Temi?  Was this planned?  What has she told Temi about them?

So many questions, but no way of asking without revealing himself.  It seemed Dolapo wanted to play games…  She didn’t know who she was messing with!


Danny and Tolu were married at the Baptist Church he attended in Ikoyi.  The Church was filled to overflowing, because they both had big families.  Also, Danny had come into the limelight somewhat, with his dramatic conversion to Christianity last year.  Representatives from different media houses were on ground to cover the event.

The whole Church was quiet as Pastor Emmanuel Okeke gave a powerful sermon on marriage, which he likened to a garden.  He taught the newlyweds and the congregation the importance of tending to their garden daily, how to identify and uproot weeds before they absorb all the nutrients meant to nourish their seeds, so that they will not bear fruit.  He also spoke about the ‘little foxes’ that can eat at the fruit, if they do not put up barriers and boundaries, and are not watchful against negative external agents.

Danny remembered how he had once been a fox in Lola and Bolu’s marriage, and knew that he had to guard against complacency in his marriage too.  Right now, he couldn’t imagine ever being bored nor negligent of the woman sitting beside him, and holding his hand.  Apart from his deep love for her, he also knew his purpose now, and she would be by his side every step of the way.  He squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

Tolu was a glowing bride, smiling insanely, being filled with so much excitement.  She struggled to pay attention to the sermon.  She often drifted when the Pastor gave examples of weeds and little foxes, and thought about how Femi was almost a fox in their relationship.

She took the lesson that weeds where the spiritual sins like lust, greed, vanity and unforgiveness, which can stop us from bearing fruit, and she considered that she had been nestling weeds in her heart for a long time.  But she knew she was ready to be married to Danny…  In fact, she couldn’t have waited another day!

Lola and Bolu were also in the congregation and were both attentive to the message being given.  Bolu was reminded of the weed of ‘busyness’ that was constantly choking his intimacy with his wife.  He had to be intentional about making time, until it became established in their routine, and natural for him to put his wife first.  He prayed for more grace.

Lola also took much away from the sermon.  She identified the weed of distrust, which had sprung from her own fall into temptation, and now had been planted again by observing her friend’s trial in marriage.  She knew she had to counter it with faith, and even uproot it altogether.  Distrust had no place in a healthy marriage.  She looked at Bolu, and leaned into him, happy that she had married a good man.

Temi listened to the sermon, and tried to ignore the fact that Oyinda wasn’t listening, but was on his phone.  This was a message their marriage needed, and he couldn’t even pay attention!  If only he would listen, and maybe consider his ways…and how much he was neglecting her and destroying their marriage with his unfaithfulness.

But she had known, when she married him, that Oyinda didn’t take the things of God seriously.  Oh, she had been such a fool!  She dabbed her eyes, to keep the tears from ruining her make-up.  She wasn’t going to cry today.

Oyinda couldn’t wait for the sermon and the whole service to be over.  He had heard a few things the Pastor had said, but had become distracted by messages from Kemi on WhatsApp.  She was still at home, but planned to make the Reception.  She hoped they would be able to get together there.

He had also sent a message of warning to Dolapo, telling her never to try the stupid stunt she’d pulled today again.  He told her they were over.  She was a mature woman, and she could deal with rejection in a matured way.  “If I ever see you near my wife or family again, you will see a side of me you never imagined existed!” he’d written.


Amaka attended the wedding as David’s guest.  He was actually a distant cousin of the Groom.  They didn’t make it to the Church, but arrived at the Reception just in time to see the Bride and Groom do their special dance with their bridal train as they entered the venue.  Amaka thought they made a beautiful couple.

David saw his parents seated with the family of the Groom, and took Amaka over to their table.  She was a little embarrassed and unprepared when he introduced her as his girlfriend, and said they were in ‘courtship’.  Is that what they were doing, she wondered?

Since their first kiss, Amaka had begun to feel a growing disinterest towards David.  She’d hoped he would be teachable, but he had taken great offence at her small efforts to teach him and guide him with the kiss.  He’d said it’s the love in the kiss that is more important than the expertise.  Needless to say, Amaka avoided his kisses, often turning her cheek to him, or kissing his cheek to say “Goodbye”, whenever they parted.

She shyly curtsied and greeted the elderly couple, who both gave her a glowing smile. “Wow!!!  You are a vision,” David’s father said, before he winked at his son.  Amaka just gave a small appreciative smile for the compliment.

After David introduced her to a few more members of his family, they eventually took their seats.  Amaka was really uncomfortable, because she felt like he had just taken a leap into the future that she wasn’t sure she would have made, given the choice.  He was a nice guy and they still got on so well, but she was no longer attracted to him in a way she wanted to be attracted to a man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with.


Bolu and Lola were seated with the Bride’s family.  As the Brother of the Bride, Bolu had a couple of tables.  Lola also had a table for her invited guests.  She’d invited Chidinma, Mary and Ifeanyi, and a few of her girlfriends from her WhatsApp group.

Bolu took his responsibility as a host seriously, and went to see to the provision of chilled soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on his tables and his wife’s table too.  On one of his trips, he noticed a familiar face.  He couldn’t forget the pretty woman he had met at the Mall on Valentine’s Day.

She noticed him when he walked by and she did a double take too.  So, she remembered him.  She gave him a pretty smile, which he returned.  Wow, she looked even more beautiful than he remembered.

Suddenly, he heard a crash.  Plates of food went flying and landed on the carpet in the decorated hall.  Some even decorated his broad shoulders.  Bolu was so embarrassed.  He had just bumped into a waiter because he hadn’t been looking where he was going.  The waiter was evidently annoyed, but controlled his anger because he could see that Bolu was the Bride’s brother.

Bolu apologized, and helped the waiter pick up the plates and utensils.  He stood up again, after brushing the food from his suit.  He looked in her direction again, and her smile was even bigger.  She had seen everything and was giggling.  He swallowed, and looked away.  Who was this woman that made him act like a fool?


Temi and Oyinda were seated with their friends and family on the Groom’s side.  Temi wanted to go and sit with Lola, so she excused herself from her table.  Lola was happy to see her friend and they hugged affectionately.

Temi beamed when Bolu attended the table with two bottles of champagne.  She took both from him, though he had only intended to drop one at their table.  But Bolu couldn’t resist her pleading look.  He also knew his wife would appreciate his kindness.  He went back to the bar to collect another two bottles.

Lola spotted a familiar frame walking by.  It was her old friend from High School.  She’d had a crush on him back in the day.  Well, most of the girls in her class had, including Temi, who actually dated him for a while.

Lola couldn’t remember the reason Temi had given for their break-up.  Lola called after him, so he turned in her direction.  She tapped Temi on her shoulder, so she turned to see who was coming.

Temi was stunned when she saw who it was.  Michael Jordan.  Well, that was his nickname, because he was so tall, light-skinned, athletic and devilishly sexy.

Michael Adeyi had been a heart breaker, and Temi had been afraid to give him all her heart.  She was also saving herself for marriage at the time, and got tired of telling him "no”, so she had dumped him.  She thought how ironic it was that she had eventually given in to Oyinda, despite all her years of saving herself.  She wondered if Michael was married now.

“Wow!!!  Lola!  Temi!  Wow…  Where have you ladies been?  It’s been ages!” Michael said, when he’d reached their table.

Temi rose up, so that Michael got a full view of her in her wedding attire.  She was glad she had made the effort with her dressing and make-up today.  She knew she looked good, especially when she saw the pleased look on Michael’s face.

“Hi, Michael,” she said, in a sexy voice she hadn’t used in a while.

They hugged intimately.  Temi enjoyed the feel of his strong arms around her again.  She could tell that he didn’t want to let her go.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek as he did.

Michael couldn’t take his eyes off Temi.  She was still the bootilicious little fox that had got away from him.  He had no doubt that she would be married now.  He really wished they were alone right now, and not in this crowded wedding hall, filled with their family and friends.  He swallowed.

“Wow, Temi, you haven’t changed one bit…well, only in a really good way.”  He let his eyes scan her figure openly, an appreciative smile on his lips.

Temi blushed.  “You’re still the same charming Mike, I see…” and gorgeous too, she added in her head.

Lola rose up to hug Mike too, but his hug was half-assed.  He couldn’t wait to get back to ogling Temi.  Things really hadn’t changed since High School, Lola thought, a little annoyed.  She had never been Mike’s type.  He liked his women looking like Temi, big boobs and booty, with an hour glass figure.

She gave Temi a warning look, reminding her that she was off-limits to Michael, being a married woman.  Temi shot her a glare instead.  I am done being a good girl!

To be continued…

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