A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 22)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Amaka was making her first visit to see Tommy, Jamie’s son, since he was born to Adania and Jamie on Valentine’s Day.  She was a little nervous about going back to a place of abuse, but she trusted God and believed that it was time she put the past behind her.  Jamie had apologised sincerely, and if their talk last Saturday at the Hospital was anything to go by, then he was truly repentant and worthy of a second chance.

She came bearing gifts for the little boy, and some baked goods she had bought from the supermarket for Jamie and his mother.  Mrs Solomon was happy to see Amaka, after so long.  She knew it was a big thing for her to visit Jamie and Tommy, after everything she had suffered in his home.  Also, the fact that Tommy was her sister’s child, born to her ex-husband, was no small shame to swallow.

The nanny had taken Tommy to change his diaper, and brought him to Mrs Solomon when she returned.

“Let her carry him,” Mrs Solomon nudged her head towards Amaka, so that the nanny brought the swaddled two-month-old baby to her to carry.

Amaka swallowed as she received the little boy in her arms.  He looked so much like Jamie, she thought.  She could also see Adania in him.

She didn’t expect the feeling of grief to come rushing back, as the little boy provoked memories of the child she had lost to a miscarriage, due to Jamie’s battery.  She fought through the pain and the urge to put down the baby and run.  It was not meant to be.  Tommy was not her son, but he was her nephew, and she would love him as her flesh and blood.

Amaka wiped her eyes, and rocked the baby, who chuckled in her arms.  She looked up at Jamie, who was smiling at her, as he watched her.  He mouthed, “Thank you,” and she simple smiled, through her tears.

Amaka stayed an hour at Jamie’s home.  He had a nanny and his mother around, and he was also surprisingly handy around the baby.  They didn’t need her.  She was happy to see that she had made the right decision in backing up Jamie to take his child home.

She joined them to savour the baked goods she had brought, with some hot beverages, as they caught up on each other’s lives.  Jamie told her that his youngest brother was now also converted, and was engaged to be married to the woman who God had used to minister to him.  Amaka thought their story was really romantic.  Jamie thought so too.

They shared a look of mutual understanding of the mistakes they had made in their marriage, that meant that their love story had ended tragically.  With Adania and Tommy in the middle of them now, they could not foresee a reconciliation, so they just appreciated their ability to be friends, and family.  Jamie asked if Amaka was seeing someone, as he suspected she would be.  She said she was, but it wasn’t that serious yet.  He’d swallowed, as he still felt jealous over her.

“Thanks for coming, Amaka.  It really means a lot,” Jamie said at the door, when Amaka was ready to leave.

“I was happy to.  You’re doing great with him!”

Jamie smiled brilliantly.  He needed to hear that.  Sometimes, he doubted himself, and whether he could continue to do this selfless act of parenting or if he would snap one day and throw in the towel.  So far, even though it was hard work, he was loving it and loving how he was changing too.

“Thank you for saying that.  I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.”  And they hugged goodbye.


Mary had told Ifeanyi of her visit to Daniel’s school, and recounted everything he had revealed to her.  It turned out that Daniel’s classmate, Bode, was an Akinwumi.  He was the youngest son of the late infamous Pastor Bolaji.  With his mother’s prestigious position in the school, they had only given him and his friends a stern rebuke for bullying and a week of detention for cheating.

However, Daniel reported that the bullying had continued, and it had even become more widespread, with him being generally ridiculed and scorned by his classmates and schoolmates.  Mary and Ifeanyi had decided that they needed to pay the family a visit.  They’d contacted Mrs Akinwumi and she’d agreed to receive them over the weekend.

Mary’s stomach was in knots as she held on to Ifeanyi’s hand.  They had just been admitted into the house, and were waiting in the foyer for Mrs Akinwumi.  She had seemed pleasant over the phone, so Mary hoped she wasn’t in for a shock.

Mrs Akinwumi was dressed in a long, crimson gown, with her hair packed up in a white turban.  She wore beaded slippers on her feet, and her nails were painted in a shade of pink.  She looked classy and beautiful.  She didn’t look like the fifty-something year old, widowed mother of three that she was.

Mary and Ifeanyi stood up to greet her.  She extended her hand to them and smiled as she directed them to the lounge area.  They all took their seats.

For some reason, Mary wanted to hide behind Ifeanyi.  The way Mrs Akinwumi was looking at her was making her very uncomfortable.  It was as though the woman was imagining her husband with Mary, and the memories of the abuse she had endured at his hands returned to her in full force.  Ifeanyi could feel his wife’s tension, and rubbed her arm lovingly, before squeezing her hand, and giving her a soft kiss on her cheek.  Mrs Akinwumi looked away at this obvious display of intimacy between them.

Ifeanyi spoke on behalf of Mary and Daniel.  He recounted how Daniel had first told him he was being teased at school, and the advice he had given.  He told of how things had escalated, to the point that Daniel now felt like a leper in his school, as he faced rejection from almost everyone.  Ifeanyi spoke of their disappointment at how the school had handled and downplayed Daniel’s report of bullying, especially when it had been so obvious to Mary, when she had visited just that week, that it was still ongoing and rife.

Mrs Akinwumi apologised on behalf of her son, and said she would speak with him about it, and apply appropriate discipline and caution so that he would discontinue from bullying Daniel.  She said she hadn’t fostered any animosity towards Mary nor her family, and that she had actually longed to meet Mary, so she could apologise on behalf of her husband for what she went through in their Church for six years.  Mary appreciated Mrs Akinwumi’s kind words.

Mary expressed interest in speaking with Bode and his siblings, but Mrs Akinwumi said that they were not around, as they had gone to visit their friends.  Mary was disappointed, because she was sure that their intention to meet with the whole family had been clearly communicated.  However, she didn’t push the issue, since Mrs Akinwumi had been so amicable, and appeared sincere about resolving this problem.

As they got up to leave, Mrs Akinwumi reassured them that she would follow up with the school on this case, and ensure that they revisit their Anti-Bullying Policy, so that effective measures would be put in place to discipline current and future offenders.  Mary and Ifeanyi were happy with the visit, and the assurances that Mrs Akinwumi gave.  They were hopeful that Daniel’s last months in the school would be pleasant.


Richard was not a happy man.  His fifteen-year-old marriage to his University sweetheart was miserable.  His wife, Dupe, had also been his first.  Before they got married, she would do anything to please him, as they experimented sexually.  It was then he realised his preference for anal sex, and it became his go to position in bed.

Dupe wasn’t happy about this, and they started to have problems with intimacy, both emotionally and physically.  She began to turn down his requests for sex, and even said that she wondered if he was gay.  That had angered him, and naturally, they had broken up.  But a couple of weeks later, Dupe found out that she was pregnant.

Richard was happy to be a father, and still loved Dupe, so he asked her to marry him.  Dupe said "yes", because she was scared of being a single mother, and she believed that he truly loved her.  They both hoped that they would be able to find their sexual rhythm in bed again, as there was once a time that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Richard tried not to request for anal sex as much as before, but he soon found himself unresponsive to his wife, and turned down her offers for sex, knowing it wasn’t going to end with anal penetration.  Whenever they had sex, neither of them would climax, and they would be frustrated with trying.  Dupe got fed up with it, and resented giving him blow jobs, which he said would help him get in the mood.  She felt like it was only his sexual needs and desires he cared about, and soon, months would pass without them having sex nor sharing any form of intimacy.

It was during one of such periods that he had first met Promise.  A friend, who had needed her services in the past had recommended her to him.  He said all he had done to get her to go with him was to buy her a few drinks.  So, Richard had met her at the Bar, where she was known to frequent, and offered to buy her a drink.

She’d accepted his offer, and they’d chatted briefly but, when it was time to fulfil her end of the deal, Promise didn’t want to follow him out of the Bar.  She’d said he wasn’t her type.  But he had noticed how her gaze had lingered on his Swatch wristwatch.  That was when he knew he was not rich enough for her.  He’d walked away then, feeling angry.

Years later, he’d met Anthony Taofeek at the gym, near his former office.  Tony had told him that he had a kept woman, and that anytime he wanted a ride, he could call him.  “She’ll do anything you want.  She’s a real freak!” Tony had said.  So, one day, he had taken him up on the offer and called.

He had been so surprised to find out that it was Promise, although, she now went by the name “Missy”.  Naturally, she didn’t recognise him.  He’d eventually told her, though.

One day, she’d accused him of being ‘gay’ because he only ever wanted anal sex.  He’d told her that he could do anything to her, because she was just a “cheap whore”, who pretended to have class.   He’d felt triumphant, seeing the look on her face, when she had realised that they’d met before and she’d turned him down for not being rich enough.  He remembered that he had come so hard that day.

However, after that, things began to spiral downwards, and she became ruder and more defiant.  He remembered the day he had punched her face in.  He didn’t know what had come over him then.  She’d brought out an animal part of him that he didn’t like.  But he couldn’t stop going to her.  He had no one else to fix him up sexually.  And then she had ruined everything the day she had vengefully bit off his tip!

Richard squirmed at the memory, almost feeling the pain again.  He gripped himself.  He was still able to use the organ, but his problems sexually had doubled.  Now, he was also very self-conscious and embarrassed about his size and physical appearance down below.  It had taken him a very long time to approach another woman.

He so wanted her to pay for what she had done to him.  Emasculating him, not only physically, but sexually and emotionally.  He would have to bid his time well, but she wasn’t going to have the last laugh.  He was sure of it.

Though Ope thought that Promise was a wife, he knew better.  Once a whore, always a whore.  One day, her greed would be her downfall!  The thought of it made him smile.

To be continued…

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